The Summer Break You Wish You Had

A group of teenagers hang out for the summer and have a blast before they all go to college


1. Meeting up for the first time

As everybody walked in one by one into the summer break house they noticed other people were invited to stay for the summer.Everybody packed their clothes into their chosen room.Everybody sat down in the living room and introduced themselves.

''Hey im Ray and im on my school's soccer team''

Im Whitney and i love designing 

My name is Taylor im a cheerleader 

My name is jenn im a youtuber i know Joey and Laurn

Hey im Joey im also a youtuber i also know Laurn

Im Laurn im a youtuber also

im Nia im shy until we become friends i dont talk much

Im Clara dont get on my bad side or else 

Alex here im a cheerleader people always say i smell like cherry but i dont smell it 

Yo im Travis im totally single ladies call me 555-612-32 anytime you need me 

Hey umm hey umm im Zaq i just like hanging out with my friends and having fun

What up what up im Conner call me if you want your skate board designed im the guy

Yup im jacob im just the chilled out guy im down with parties every year i have the sickest parties.

Im Paraham im Indian but i act more American and look more American

Yo im Aakheem im single,now crushing on Whitney call me 704-326-333-88

Im josie im popular girl at my school eww Indian guy get off me ugh


Yo im Dash my brother is  Kostas we both do the special effects stuff

Hey im kostas and my brother is Dash we love doing special effects on videos

Im Baylynn im really good at doing hair cant shut up and you know i cant wait to get the party started and fun this weekend OMG Connor your cute...


Guys we have a summer break mail Whitney says

"What it say beautiful" Aakheem replies

We are going camping outside at a camp hotel I went camping with my dad one day and he caught me a bug and i thought it was cool...  Whitney says 

"Camping sounds fun"Josie says 

"We better get ready" Whitney says 

They all pack the camping supplies needed and head off to the designated area to start the fun 





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