When Will This All Stop

A girl gets kidnapped and turned into a nightmare she cannot forget. Lies and lies keep building up and changing her life around
(keep checking because i update this book)


1. Meeting them


Ever Since ive been kidnapped my mom has gone physco trying to look for the person who kidnapped me and find out why they kidnapped me. When I first met my real parents i thought they were nice people who had high expectations and were sobbing so much because i was kidnapped

"Jamie oh my gosh we miss you"

"Umm who is Jamie"

"Your Jamie darling."

"my name is actually Carter, so can you call me Carter,for now on."

'Oh Sweetie the kidnapper changed your name."

"are you alright?, did she hurt you?."

"Were taking you home to meet the rest of the family. "


This old guy with skin as dry as a raisin gives me a hug and a flashback pops in  my head


"Carter you remember him?"

"Yes, he always used to come over the house and take me to the park."

"Carter i thought her name was Jamie."

"She wants us to call her carter for now on."

"Who is she?"

"Your twin Taylor."

"And who is he?"

"Your brother Grant."

"I have a brother and a twin sister."


"nice to meet you guys but i have to go out and meet some friends i will be back see you later"

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