The Dream.

The person in the story experienced a dream that he will surely never forget because this dream left an impact on him and on his family!


1. The Dream.

Last Tuesday I really had a bad day. At school I was also being bullied from those that were supposed to be my class-mates and all of the tests results that I obtained were surely unacceptable. In few words, I was simply having a bad day!

As I was heading back home, I was thinking about revenging against someone as a reprisal for what I had gone through that day. The day before it was raining cats and dogs and as I was approaching to our street, I noticed a group of snails nearby. I had never killed any insect before but my revenge for a bad day had to be done. I stepped on them savagely ,although I knew that this was a nonsense action.

As I entered, I did not want to talk to anybody, I just wanted to take a short nap in my own bedroom. Nothing else! I changed up my uniform and closed my eyes serenely. Then I felt myself going upwards, in another world!

I found myself in a huge snails habitat bounded by two huge snails that guided me to the female master. They wanted to make me suffer for what I had done to the group of snails that I found as I was heading back home. There was something special with the female master's voice since it was familiar to me and she ordered that I had to be left alone in a small cage! Then two big snails grabbed me from my arms and locked me up.

I was really bored and at the same time I was also scared but then someone knocked on my cage. It was the female master, she told me not to be afraid, then she leanded forward and kissed me on my cheek. Then after a few minutes, the same two snails that turned me in, took me and started to beat me up. Then they told me that I had to meet the other master and they also told me that he was going to announce my punishment as a result for my actions. Then he entered and all of the present snails stood up!

He announced the punishment, I was going to be punished with a shell on my back so that I would experience the same feeling that the snails feel. I couldn't believe it! Then without knowing how I found myself again back in my bedroom. But I felt myself uncomfortable. There was something attached to my back! I woke up and went infront of the mirror!

I turned around and saw a huge shell attached to my back. I was shocked! Then my mother entered and her expression on her face as she saw me changed immediately, she also had a shell on her back. We stood there staring at each other without knowing what to say, but I was sure of what it was happening.

The female master that kissed me on my cheek , was noone else but my mother!




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