In A Spell | 5SOS AU

"Avyrl, as your first mission as a witch, you must teach 5 Seconds of Summer to be respectful of their newly found fame"

5 Seconds of Summer. Was known as four good-looking boys with some talent, now known as four boys with a scandalous reputation. Everyone loves them for it however, so they're just used to playing up... even though that's not who they are. One night, the boys run into Avyrl in a club and five seconds later, they're in the middle of streetway talking to her.

"You boys are so lucky, I could turn you guys into frogs or rats and that'll be the end of 5 Seconds of Summer. I, however want to teach you a lesson, not ruin you. Have fun learning, it might be your only chance to be yourselves. By the way, you can call me A"

A morning later, the boys wake up to a world where 5 Seconds of Summer doesn't exist. Where no one knows these four boys can create music. Where no one knows of their scandalous reputation. And as cliché as it sounds, to brea


1. 1. Shoot Me.

*Michael's POV*

God this damn morning light.. Wait morning light? I didn't even have a window in the hotel room? I wake up and become really shocked with the sight in front of me... is this my bedroom? I thought I was staying in a hotel. No. Wait. I was in the hotel. What the fuck am I doing here?

I jump out of bed and I see a note on the bedside table.

Have a good day at school - A

What? School? A..

I walk towards the kitchen and I scream "MUM?!"

She wasn't here. I didn't see her for a year. Why am I in a house? Why does everything look so familiar but in such a scary way?

"Um, good morning" Mum says, looking at me weirdly.

"What are you doing here?!" I asked, my voice rising feeling really confused.

"Mike, this is my house too you know" Mum says, feeling just as confused as I am.

"I was in some hotel room and I met this girl Avryl and she's creepy and I swear wasn't at home" I say and mum laughs.

"Honey, that was your dream" Mum says with simplicity and hands me a plate of eggs and bacon.

"AND YOU DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO COOK" I shout and she laughs even more.

"I did so, I just chose not to" Mum says, laughing at me.

"Hurry up, eat your food and get changed. You have to go to school"

Shoot me.

*Calum's POV*

"Thanks for breakfast, mum"

I don't know how I am home let alone, how my mum is here, how my room looks so clean, I have no clue what is happening but the only thing that stands out in my mind is that girl last night. Avryl. Maybe she's telling the truth.

I put on some black skinny jeans and my Blink shirt and call Ashton.


"Calum. What the hell is happening?" Ash asks, straight away.

"Are you back home too?" I ask, curiously.


"Ash, seriously mate. Calm. We aren't going to work out what happened if we scream. Didn't Avryl say something about having a chance to be ourselves?" I state and he gasps.

"She actually said those long gibberish words so we got sent here?" Ashton asks.

"I think so" I say and he just goes 'hmm'

"Look, we'll talk about this with the other guys at school yeah?" I suggest.

"Yeah man, see ya" Ash replies and hangs up.

*Ashton's POV*

I hang up on Calum and go down the stairs to grab my bag which was in front of this table.

There's a note.

Let's make this simple. You guys are sent here to learn a lesson. Until you do you're stuck here. And if you don't learn, you'll be here for a while. School will be so fun - A

No, it won't.

Maybe for A, but I don't think it'll be fun at all.

*Luke's POV*

"Mum, I promise you. The band made it really big like really big, we stayed in hotels and toured everywhere" I tell her for the millionth time. Why can't she believe me? The car shuts off the car and parks it in the front.

"Luke. You are out of your mind, it's just the same dream over and over again" Mum says.

"It wasn't a dream" I mumble quietly.

"Okay, look just enjoy today and then you can work on your band when you get home" Mum says, smiling at me and kisses my cheek.

"Bye mum" I say and exit the car to stand in front of the building.

It was a school, it just wasn't somewhat familiar. It was known as Westmeade High and it had something in some language? Most likely latin by the looks of it.

I walk inside the school and pull out my timetable which also had my number for my locker but something else was also written.

This might be a little challenging, don't worry you get some help - A

"Oi Luke!"

I turned around to see some dude with black hair walk over to me. And no, it wasn't Calum.

"Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" The dude says, I analyse his features. Black hair, brown eyes, tall, almost the same height as me, no quiff or fancy hair do, thick eyebrows.

"Mate, you okay?" The guy asks and I nod.

"Sorry, man" I say and continue "slow morning"

I look at the books he's holding in his right hand. His name was Declan Anderson. His name sounds like he's out of a movie.

"So, we have Physics first" Declan says and I nod.

"Did we have homework for it?" I ask and he laughs.

"You think I'd know?" Declan asks and I laugh too.

"Good point"

A girl walks past us both and she says a little 'sorry' and I try to look a little closer at her.

"I can't believe you've made it, Luke. You're going to be touring the world" She says, giving me a hug.

"I'm going to miss you heaps Ariel" I say, squeezing her tightly.

"Don't get bigheaded when you come back, okay? I still want to talk to you"  Ariel says and I nod. I can feel small drops fall onto my shoulder and I realise she's crying.


"Luke, your mum wants me to talk to you" Ariel says, her voice sounding a bit scared. She was never afraid of me.

"She's told me you've changed"

"You don't understand, Ariel" I say, looking at her. I see her fiddle with the ends of her sweater.

"I've always tried to understand though" Ariel says.

"I know you have, this however is different" I tell her and she throws her hands in the air looking at me annoyed.

"It's different cause I'm not some superstar, right? It's different because I'm not some hot chick for you to hook up with. It's different because you have changed" Ariel says and my heart drops.

"Ariel, I didn't mean it like that"

"Well, you said it like that. I am done being your friend Luke" Ariel says, leaving the bedroom and the house.

I tried to chase after her and to get her back. She didn't take it. She didn't want to be my friend if I was never there and I never told her anything. So I ended up losing her to my fame.

Which has disappeared.

"Why don't you make a move already?" Declan asks, waking me up from my daydream.

"What?" I say and he laughs at me.

"Come on man, you've had a crush on her since forever but all you do is look at her" Declan says.

"I do not always look at her" I state and he scoffs.

"Seriously?" Declan asks.

"Don't mess with me, I know what I see" Declan states and I nod.

*Ariel's POV*

I walk to the corner of the hallway and my friends welcome me with open arms. This town is always the same, same classes, people, teachers. My life is just so damn boring of this routine life.

My friends make it bearable. There was Amber, Lakelyn, Grady, Jonah and Knox. Our clique was always the social status low. We never got any attention to us. I love my clique however for that reason. I'm not a very social person.

"You are coming to the art show right?" Amber says and I pull my earphones, my body language basically asking her to repeat what she said.

"You are coming to the art show yeah?" Amber repeats and I shake my head a no. I just don't want to go to a school event. Amber was an aspiring artist and this is her night to stand out so I understand why she'd want me to go.


"You don't even have to wear a dress" Lakelyn mentions. Lakelyn is probably the hippy of the group, she knows to make everyone chill.

"And Skye has made the Art Show look so cool, you don't even understand" Jonah says and Grady elbows him. Jonah and Grady were the two gamers. Always into gaming.

"Skye makes anything look cool" Knox says in a chill tone. Knox was definitely the punk one of the group. Him and I got along well because of our music styles.

"What is it with your obsession over Skye?" I ask Knox.

"You jealous, babe?" Knox asks, cockily.

"Um. No. I'm asking why are you obsessed with her" I reply back, smirking knowing I've won the round.

"She's smart, popular but not snobby -which makes her have this too cool attitude for the other popular girls- and she always looks so damn fit in her clothes" Knox says then asks me "What more could you ask for?"

What Knox said about Skye was true. She was a popular girl, definitely an A-Lister. Somehow, she doesn't attend all their parties though. She is also ridiculously smart like come on, she won the debating competition this year, she writes for the school newspaper... well she is the editor for it. So that would've classified Skye as a nerd and she looks the part with her glasses. But her talent of making school events one of the coolest get-togethers for populars and normal people alike has made her so popular. Skye has left this print on the school.

"Looks like loverboy can't stop staring at you once again" Amber says, breaking me out of my cliché monologue. Luke Hemmings. For some reason, he looks at me a lot. He's also in my physics class. He looks like the type who can surf -blue eyes, blonde hair and tall- but yeah no one here really knows how to surf.

"He's whipped I swear" Grady says and I laugh.

"Guys, shut up please" I say and they all laugh.

*Calum's POV*

So, Luke has introduced us to Declan and we have entered into the hallway and we're all getting out our books. I look at my timetable which was surprisingly stuck onto my locker and see that I have English. Easy.

I shut my locker and turn around to see this girl walking down the hallway. Damn, she was fit. Black hair which was wavy. And her legs could get anyone staring. She was way hotter than any chick in the club.

"Dare me to go chat up that girl" I say to all the guys and Declan looks at me.

"I'll give you 20 dollars, if you get Skye's phone number" Declan challenges me and I smirk.

Nothing the Hood can't handle.

*Skye's POV*

"Hey, Ariel.. right?" I ask, trying to get the girl in the checkered blouse's attention.

"Oh, hi, yes.. that is me" Ariel says, sounding a little shy.

"Don't worry no bad news, I swear. I was just hoping to ask you for a favour" I say, smiling as sweet as I could. Their group looked really cool to hang with but according to the pops, they were creeps. I hardly believed them at all however.

"Oh um, sure what is it?" Ariel asks, smiling back.

"Well, as you know there's going to be an art exhibition held here, showcasing some fine artworks. Oh by the way, Amber, your paintings are to die for. And I was hoping you can make a playlist for it" I ask and the guy behind her gasps. I think his name is Knox.

"Oh, yeah, um sure" Ariel says and I squeal. How 'cliché popular' that sounded?

"Thank you so much" I say and turn to walk away but to have someone behind me causing me to fall.

Damn it, Skye. Why are you so clumsy?

"Sorry sweetheart, didn't mean to make you fall on your feet for me" A voice says then I pair the voice and the face together. It was Calum Hood. He wasn't exactly one of the popular guys but he sure seemed like he wanted to be. Especially with those lines.

"I didn't fall for you. I fell because you thought it was a great idea to stand behind me and shock me" I say, trying to sound sassy. I couldn't sound sassy if I tried.

"Well, I'm sorry about that. How about I make it up to you and take you out?" Calum asks and I roll my eyes. His lines are pathetic.

"Um, no thank you" I say and walk away.

*Kit's POV*

I see Skye walking away quickly, blushing like a tomato and I walk up to her.

"What's with the blush?" I ask and she smiles.

"Hey, Kit" Skye says and I give her my most questioning look.

"What is with the blush?" I ask.

"Calum Hood tried to 'take me out" Skye says, making quotation marks.

"Did it work?" I ask her.

"Nope" She says, grinning.

Sounds like Skye for you. Skye and I are the bestest of friends for one reason. We are both accidental populars. Populars are basically chosen by Chloe and Imogen. The two queens. They basically hate the other. So, if you're 'chosen' to hang out with them. There's no going out. If you say no, it's basically commiting social suicide. So we both understand each other very well.

"Oh look it's your crush" Skye says, pointing.

"SHUT UP" I say and she laughs at me.

She loves making my life worse. But yeah, how stupid, my crush is on Ashton Irwin. I have had a crush on him ever since my first year of high school.

*A's POV*

From all the footage that I have been getting, the little alternate world is working really well. It all feels very realistic. Well maybe that's because you have four real guys there and four real girls. The girls aren't really awake in this alternate world, their bodies are just being used. The guys however will feel that they are real.

And for them it's possible to meet them in the real world.

Also, it looks like they are getting used to this world. I guess I have to put their challenges down for them.

Michael's especially.



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