Nash's Assisant

Jacy Brinley, Sister of Tumblr famous Acacia Brinley, gets a job personal assisting Vine star, Nash Grier. Read to find out more❤


1. Chapter 1-Introduction

Jacy's POV :


    I've always been a bubbly and very social girl, because of my outgoing personality, I decided to start personal assisting for famous celebrities. I've worked for gorgeous model, Miranda Kerr, to help her big modeling gigs, I honestly didn't work with her for a long time. I also worked with Justin Bieber, who was a beyond big flirt! So far, they are the only celebrities I've worked with, Oh.. What a hassle they were! Phew! Don't get me wrong, they were very nice, they paid well and it was really fun!



     Lately, it's been really hard to find a job assisting a famous person. So I reached out to a friend, Shawn Mendes, who is actually my ex-boyfriend! Luckily, we left off on good terms because unfortunately he had to go on tour with his buddies and we were kinda drifting apart, so I guess it all worked out. Basically, I contacted him to see if he could find out if any of his famous friends needed a personal assisting. He said his tour buddy is looking for a 24/7 assistant, he would pay 1,000 dollars a week. That buddy is Nash Grier.

Heyy:) Hope you liked this small introduction! I might do some editing, please leave feedback and if you liked favorite, like, comment! Thanks, Byee:)



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