The song

Luke fell for her and so did she only she forgot..


1. 0.1

Chapter 0.1

Scarlett and Luke have been dating for 1 year and they both live in Miami together.

Scarletts pov.

I woke up when i heard a group of boys giggling, it must be Calum, Ashton and Michael considering Luke is still fast asleep next to me. I woke him up because at some point during the night he stole the blanket and i'm starting to get quite cold.

s- wake up lazy butt!

L- five more minutes...

S- Lukeeee! Wake up im cold and you have all the blanket!

L- here you go- he said pulling the blanket over me and getting up out of bed.

S- where are you going?

L- to make my beautiful girlfriend some breakfast.

S- can i help?

L-if you want.

S-okay, what we making?

L-pancakes and bacon?

S- yeah sure sounds great.

Lukes pov.

As Scarlett and I walked to the kitchen i couldnt help but laugh at Michael trying to tackle Calum and failing really badly cause Calum moved out the way causing Michael to face plant.

When we got to the kitchen Scarlett grabbed everything we needed to make pancakes and made me do all the mixing. But i accidentally put the whisk on high power and the mixture went everywhere. My only option now was to run cause some landed on Scarletts face. I ran and Scarlett started chasing me a with a spatula screaming " just you wait till i catch you hemmings" i just ran straight into the bedroom and she cornered me and then she did the worst thing she could possibly do to me... she started tickling me!


Ashtons pov.

I was watching the boys play fifa when suddenly i heard a scream that sounded like a girl freaking out at one of our bands. Then i heard Luke scream stop tickling me please and another scream and then him saying please please ill do anything!!

So i decided to go film it as i found it very amusing.

Then Scralett said that she would stop if Luke sang beside you to her.

and so he started to sing but she was still tickling him so Luke kept on laughing and shed say it doesnt count if you laugh! you have to start over again and then she started giggling.. that went on for half an hour until Luke could finally do it without laughing.

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