He Saved Me

He saved me.....


1. High School


The sound of my stomach growling woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked at my alarm clock. 5:38am. Great. So I only got 4 hours of sleep since I came back from work. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. I can't go back to sleep, so I guess I'll just make breakfast. I have a craving for bacon and eggs, so I'll make that. 
 I finished my breakfast and checked the time. 6:02am. So I have 2 hours until school starts. I went to the bathroom and decided to take a shower. I took my shirt and pants off. I looked at the cuts on my arms and legs in the mirror. Wow. Who would love a girl that cuts? Especially if it's a girl like me. I hopped in the shower and washed my hair and body. When I came out, I checked the time. 6:50am. I dried my hair and opened my closet door. I picked a an outfit that would hide my scars. It was 7:35am. I grabbed my keys and left and went to my car. Time for high school. Time for Hell.     

I drove to Woodrient Lima High School and parked my car. I walked inside and it was 7:50. 10 minutes until 1st block, which was Chemistry. I walked to my locker and opened it. I noticed a note inside. I opened it and it read, "Hey Aria, meet me after school in the gym, under the bleachers, I wanna tell u somethin, Luv-- Damarien" 
    Damarien? Why would he want to talk to me? He's like the most popular guy in school. He doesn't even know me, well, just a little since he's in my English class and always copying me or asking me questions. Damn.  It's 7:59. Shit. I have to hurry to class. I had to run to class. As I was running, I bumped into someone with a really hard chest. (Like damn). I fell to the ground and my books and papers flew everywhere. You've got to be effin' kidding me. I looked up to see who this asshole was. It was a really handsome guy with brown hair and brown sparkly eyes. He had sorta thick eyebrows and a snapback on with a leather jacket. He kept staring at me, not saying a word. Like, really? -_-
But to be honest, I was staring at him too, You cant blame me, his eyes were amazing, and he was attractive(better looking than most guys in this school). We stared at each other for a good 2-3 minutes before he finally spoke up. 
Him: Oh Erm I'm so sorry, I should watch where I'm going.I don't know where I looking off into. My apologies.
Me: Uh, It's okay, really, It's my fault. Sorry.
He extended his hand to help me up, I took his hand and rose to my feet. But to be honest, a part of me wanted to pull him down so he knew how much that hurt my butt, but I didn't. He bent down to pick up my books and papers. I did the same. We both stood up and he gave me my books. They were heavy to carry, I guess he noticed because he took them away from me.
Me: Uh, You don't have to--
Him: Where's room 203? 
Me: Oh, Um, Right down the hall, you have Chemistry now?
Him: yes. Why?
Me: Oh, So do I.
Him:  Oh, What a nice coincidence. Hehe.
He chuckled and stared at me, smiling.
Me: What? 
Him: Nothing *Laughs*
Me: Okay? 
We walked down the hall and into class.
Mrs.Luna: Aria. You're late. Again.
Me: Um, I'm sorry. I- I was just-
Him: She was showing me around the school, since I'm new here. Principal's request.
Mrs.Luna: Just. Sit down.
I sat down in the middle desk to the left, while he sat in the back. Mrs.Luna had us read from the textbook while she graded some quizzes. I felt a paper ball hit me, and another, and another. I turned around and saw Kristina and Mya laughing and whispering to each other.
Kris: Hey Ari!
Mya: Oh, Are you deaf now too?!
Kris: Let's add that to the list!
They were both laughing while I just kept quiet. The guy from before overheard and spoke up.
Him: Erm, what list?
--Why did he have to ask?--
Kris: Her list of flaws *Laughing*
Mya: She has so many!
Him: What flaws? I don't see any flaws?
Mya: Well, She's ugly
Kris: Retarded
Mya: She's a whore
Kris: Yeah, I mean, Didn't you hear about her father? *Laughs*
Him: What do you mean?
Tears started to form in my eyes. How could she bring up my father? She knows the real story, she knows the truth, but she chose to betray me, to spread fake rumors. Lies. Called me a whore, slut, a thot. She put up posters all around school that said I would have sex with anyone for $10, that there was a discount for older men. Guys started coming up to me handing me $10. People thought I was the "Easiest girl in school to get with".
I ran out of the classroom before she could tell him the lies about my father. I couldn't deal with her anymore. I ran to the bathroom and into a stall. I rolled up the sleeves of my sweater and took out my best friend. 1, 2, 3, 4. I stayed there for a while. The bell rang, so I rolled down my sleeves and left the bathroom. I wasn't in the mood for 2nd block so I was just going to leave, until he came up to me.
Him: Hey! Aria, right?
Me: Yup.
Him: By the way, I'm Liam.
Me: That's nice.
Him: I'm sorry about what happened...
Me: I'm used to it.
Him: What?
Me: I gotta go to class. Bye.
I ran to class before he got to answer me. I had Calculus with Ms. Benson next. I went to class and sat in my seat, which was in the back. I usually sit by myself, because I like working alone. Once class started and the bell rung, a guy with blondish- brownish hair walked in. 
Ms.Benson: Excuse me, You're late. 
Him: Sorry. I'm new, Didn't know where I was going. Erm, Sorry.
Mrs.Benson: It's fine. Just don't let it happen again. Go sit with Aria, in the back.
Him: Yes, ma'am
He came and sat next to me and introduced himself.
Him: Hello, I'm Niall. You're Aria?
Me: In the flesh.
Niall: Nice to meet you.
Me: You too...






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