Bad Boy Calum

Andrea Russett is a inspiration to girls and boys around the world.

Calum is a boy that girls and boys know and love. Not as much anymore. Calum decides to be the bad boy of his band '5 seconds of summer' and got tattoos. Not most of his inspirations like him anymore.

Including Andrea.



"I'm just waiting till I'm 18eeenn!" Me and my friend Jade sing in the car while driving to target to film for my youtube channel. "So were here ready to go in?" She asks "yea just give me a moment to get my camera." I say then this happens "hey Andrea look" I look around the parking lot and see two of the guys from One Direction Harry and Niall. I look at Jade and Jade just stares at me with her mouth open. "Hello" I say as their walking passed us they wave and come up too us. Which I think is oddly strange because they hardly ever walk up too fans. It's probably because we're pretty calm but in shock we hardly move and if we are moving then it's to move our heads every time they make a move even the slightest ones. "Hello how did you know we were going to be here?" Harry asks us while Niall just looks at us with his cute look. "We didn't we were just filming for my friend Andreas video for her youtube channel." Jade says with looking at me. I glare at her because she knows how I'm very shy when it comes to any people. "Ahh yes, youtube. May I ask how many subscribers you have?" Of course you can ask me anything you like no matter how odd the question. I say in my head then I say "yea I have over 2.m." "That's quite nice,how does it feel to have that many people watching you?" Harry ask. "I feel I should ask the same question." I say. "We'll it's actually pretty great we love our fans a lot. Their like our 2 family."Niall says defending Harry and also trying to keep a from tone with me. "We'll it was nice to meet you but we have to film." I say ready to leave because it seems they don't pike how I'm talking to them. "Wait!" Harry says grabbing my arm and pulling me in. Next thing I know Harry whispers in my ear meet me here. Then he slips me a paper then leaves to go inside.

My names Andrea Russett . I'm 19 years old. I'm a you tuber. I'm pretty famous because of youtube. Harry just gave me a place to meet up to do I don't even know what. My best friend is Jade and I'm into fan fiction.

(Hey guys if you reading this , then your amazing I'll be posting or trying to post daily if I'm not that means I'm sick. But thanks for reading I will see you people tomorrow.)😁😁😁

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