Hej prøver at kaste mig ud i en engelsk historie håber at i kan forstå den. I kan skrive i kommentaren hvis i vil have den på dansk ;)


1. 1.

Hi I'm a girl on 22, and I'm a big You Tube'er. My name is Jessica, but just call me Jess. Fun Fact: I'm a huge Directioner.

It all started when, I filmed a video to my channel. I got a call from a new number. It was You Generation (an other channel for all big You Tube'ers). I took my iPhone, and answer.

"Hello is it Jess"

"Yeah I'm here. What's wrong?"

"Oh Zoella couldn't interview One Direction. So I thought you would like to, interview them?"

"Are you kidding. I love to interview them"

"Okay. You can come to the studio in next week"

"Okay thank you so much"

"See you soon"



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