My brothers best friend

Summer Clifford is best friends with her brothers band mate Luke hemmings.

Luke has a girlfriend who he got just to make summer jealous.

What'll happen when Michael finds out about all of this is happening behind his back.


1. //1//

"Hey Luke" I said wile walking into his room.

"Hey sums"

"What's wrong with my wittle pengo??" I asked and waited patently for a response.

"Nothing. Hey do you wanna have a suke fun day??" He asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Suke??" I asked.

"Yeah suke" he said.

"Okay" I gave in.

"Yayay" he cheered like a 5 year old.

~after about 7 movies ~~

"Luke I'm hungry" I moaned.

"Same do yo-" he was cut off by the door opening.

"IM HOME" Michael shouted from the front door.

"Hey miky I missed you"i said.

"I missed you too. What's Luke here??" He asked.

"Lukes my best friend. " I said in a 'duh' tone.

"Okay" was all he said before he went up stairs.

"Okay. So do you wanna go get some pizza"he asked.

"I heard the word pizza I'm in" Michael said.

"Is that okay with you sums"luke asked.

"Yeah"i lied. I what're Luke all to my self. I didn't what to him to let me go.

~~later that night~~

"Kay night guys I think I'm gonna go to bed." Luke said as we walked in to the house.

"Okay" I said

"Okay night man see you 2mmrrow" miky said.

~next day~

I woke up to sobbing coming from next door to my room.

Knock knock

"Come in" Luke said

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