About a girl named BRIGIT SMITH she is 17 and a Half she moved to Australia when with her dad when her parents split one day she meets a boy at school named calum hood Who turns out to be her neighbor and he is in the band now that's.....


1. the divorce

~ her name is Brigit smith she is normal not that much to her she is not that smart she doesn't think she's that pretty :( and this is her story ~


I look around the room feeling ok but then I remember that my parents divorce is today in Court what a sad day I have to get dressed before my dad gets mad or says we are going to be late I put on a nice black dress and some black vans and pin my bangs back I guess I look ok I put my headphones on and listen to dear Maria Count me in by all time low I listen to music for an hour until my dad comes in and tells me to get in the car I jump in and put on my set belt it takes about an Half an hour to get there as we sit I start to feel so many emotions at the end when my dad signed the papers I cried I felt like my family is been torn apart it hurt i'm a only child so I'm glad no one else had to go through it with me as we pulled up the drive way I felt tears roll down my face I ran in to my room the rest of the day I listen to family portrait by pink to let out my emotions music helps me escape what can I say a week later my dad told me we had to move where I said he told me he was offered a job in Sydney Australia and that he's taking it honestly I don't really care so I said okay and start packing my stuff it took me and my dad about two weeks to pack all of the stuff in are house The next day we headed to Sydney Australia we got a house on Skyline Way, Drive it was decent I liked it The best part was I got a giant ass room I start to unpack my stuff the first day we got there I loved it there but then I realized I had to go to school I got a enrolled at some school called SAS it was cool I guess but I hate school The boys there were on point on the first day of school I got to sit next to this real cute boy named calum I like his name it has a cute ring to I guess the divorce wasn't that bad I mean my parents did fight a lot anyway when I was going up my driveway I noticed calum walking to the house right across from mine I yelled hi he so he said what's up I said nothing just walking and breathing trying to be sarcastic he laughed I said will bye I got to go he said bye see you later Brigit :)

~ that is my first chapter sorry I know it's not very long but it's the best I can do please read ~

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