I'm In Love With A Killer

I thought he was just a regular guy, but I was wrong. I was way wrong....


1. Chapter 1

" Hello?" He walked up to me from under the tree.

" Um... hey?" I stared at him," do I know you?"

" No, but I think we're neighbors," He smiled," 1246 Willow Road?"

I nodded my head.

" I'm 1247," He stretched his hand toward me," my name is Jeff, yours?"

" My name is Angel. It's nice to meet you," I shook his hand," how old are you?"

" Twenty- two," He answered," you?"

" Twenty- one," I decided he was a nice guy.

He had black shaggy hair with dark eyes.

" Would you like to come eat dinner at my house?" He asked out of the blue.

" Sure," I replied.

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