Chutes & Ladders


1. The Days

I walked in my house, happy! I was up to the usual on a summer day, riding my bike then usually going for a trail ride with my horse Winston. As I walked in the door, I got a weird feeling it was silent which was odd for my house.

 I stood in the living room trying to find someone, all I saw was the t.v and a vacant room. I heard someone softly weeping; I searched trying to find the source. I found my sister lying in a laundry basket in the laundry room, sadness filled the room. She spoke in a soft helpless tone “Grandma is in the hospital.” This was hard to hear because I had just went and saw her two weeks earlier.

          Nobody ever really told me how or why she was in the hospital. All I knew was shock; I stood in my room for a half hour thinking of reason why. She fell? Heart Attack? Anything to keep my mind away from the thought of her not being here anymore. My explained that he had to go see her before they took her off of Life Support. It didn’t matter what he said to make me feel better, I still sobbed.

          My mind was rambling when Mom told me Dad arrived at the hospital, but there was one thing remember over all my thoughts, who will I play chutes and ladders with now?

          I heard a ring of the telephone. As I sat on the couch waiting, I saw images of my dad at the hospital but shot back to reality. When the phone rang again. I thought it was just an echo in my head.

          It had been hours since we heard from Dad last, so it had to be him when the phone rang. Mom picked up but didn’t say a word it was as if she knew what he was going to say. She had a blank look of despair. “She’s gone?” Mom repeated, I couldn’t cry I had no tears left so I just sat in silence. The funeral was terrible I sobbed the whole time, but luckily I left before the burial because I knew I couldn’t take it.

          I have made peace with it now, I often talk to “her.” But I know that is in a better place now, probably drinking tea and watching soap operas with grandpa. 

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