Dragon Born

Skyrim, a place where you could worship any god- Peaceful time to live together as one....but this was going to change. War had started between Imperials and a Rebellion-Thormar had taken Talos worship away in most of Skyrim. This cause war...but war was going to happen either way-Ulfic Shormcolck kill the high king using power of the voice, but now was send to death along with members of his rebellion, along with few others. But the most important one a Imperial Male name: Sir Locket- Who is secretly the " Dragon Born " but as Dragon Born he can't escape the war-Or death he not Immortal he can die easy. But will he die? Or will he become a hero? And ends this foolishness war?

*Better Telling of the Story is Opening*

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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