Having The BadBoys

Glass Half Full: Violet Reed has it all, an adoring boyfriend, loving parents, and any guy she meets loves her.
Glass Half Empty: Violet Reed has nothing, an abusive boyfriend, dead parents, adoptive parents, and any guy she meets loves her.
When 3 drop dead handsome badboys, dive into Vi's life, headfirst I might add, things get complicated. These badboys meet Vi and like all the other boys they fall for her, her boyfriend a grade older than Vi, gets even more abusive and jealous. These badboys come from a sketchy city and know the signs of abuse, they know almost immediately (that someone is beating her.)and they become fiercely protective of her. Trev, Vi's boyfriend, is a sophomore and is a linebacker in football, hes buff, hot, and angry.
The BadBoys, Jason, Toby, and Luke; they're hot, cunning, and most of all they're bad.
"Bad Boys do get the girls." ~Tom Felton
But, Trevor is the local Badboy, I smell competition.


1. One

Chapter One

It’s your first day Vi, don’t embarrass yourself! You’ve got this, it’s all about confidence! I pep talk myself with the exact thing my mother told me on my first day of the 2nd grade. I pushed the tears away that my mom was missing my first day of high school, and grabbed my bag, well a huge purse really. I quickly got out of George’s car and speed walked to my best friend and partner in crime Kelly; she notices me and pulls me in for a bear hug, which is one-sided. She knows how I feel about affection, and touching

            “Sorry, I forgot. It’s our first day, its hug worthy.” When I don’t answer Kelly continues, “Can you believe it it’s our first day of high school! We are officially grownups!” She tells me enthusiastically. I nod; I haven’t really been that enthusiastic, since well since ever. After my parents died when I was 8, I took a year to even talk to new people other than my older brother Nicholas Christopher Reed, Nick is what everyone calls- called him, before he left at least. Anyway after a year of stiff nods and perfect posture it kind of sunk in that they were dead, my parents I mean, and I lost it. I was at the dinner table with my brother who was seemingly always angry with our foster Parents; he was sitting there glaring at the wall. Ann our foster mom was announcing ‘exciting’ news.

            “How was your day, Violet?” Ann asked in a annoyed voice, I mean I obviously wasn’t supposed to give a long comment. I just nodded giving her a flat look, one I know for a fact she hates, I remember a couple days ago her screaming in my face to just ‘talk’. I didn’t. I keep to myself, my big brother talks to me a lot and I talk to him a lot, too. I nod not saying anything aloud, and getting slightly scared of her left eye that starts twitching at my vague response, not scared enough for me to talk, but scared nonetheless. My brother sends a glare Ann’s way. Obviously knowing I was getting scared. He knew me better than anyone else; I was never a talker, ever

            “We got the adoption papers signed!!” Ann exclaims happily. My brother and I have very different reactions. He scowls but I can see a sliver of hope in his eyes, and I, well I, Scream, like a lot.

            Long story short I screamed I hate you to George and Ann, who had hugged me tightly.  They walked on glass the next couple days but returned to normal quickly.  George got a promotion from vice principle to principle. Ann joined two more clubs and even signed me up with her. The older I got the more different each of them treated me. Ann, accepted me and bragged about me to other gossiping housewives, George checked out my body more, and also gave looks of appreciation. My brother was the same until he turned 17 and he became distant. I met an older guy named Trevor at the pool party I was invited to 7th grade year, he, an 8th grader at the time, had bugged me and stared at me until I talked to him and after that he managed to get my number, I had just gotten a phone he texted me constantly and refereed to me as ‘babe’ in front of his friends. I had always said he was only a friend, which never seized to upset him. He held my hand, and made excuses to touch me 24/7 and all his friends gave me goo goo eyes. Now Trev has always been gorgeous looking, girls always threw themselves at him and he never looked at anyone how he looked at me. My 8th grade year I had been slightly disappointed, thinking since he was in high school he would think I was a little kid and just stop talking to me, that didn’t happen.

            He actually hung around more, and on my birthday October 11th he took me to go ice skating and then told everyone I was his girlfriend, now being the polite girl I am I hadn’t wanted to embarrass him, he quickly took my first kiss and started getting very possessive and jealous. He had slapped me across the face twice because he assumed I was flirting with a guy from McDonalds, when I had asked for fries. I had screamed and cried and broke up with him.

            So imagine my surprise when the next day he assumed we were fine and acted as if nothing had happened. 1 month later he hit me again, and I had been so scared of him I had ran to Kelly’s house which was a couple blocks from his house and cried, I didn’t tell her anything but I cried and cried. Now he is a sophomore and on the football team, making him buff enough to scare the daylights out of me.

            “Vi? Come back to earth!” she tells me giggling. I smile sheepishly and she rolls her eyes. I glance at her outfit. She is wearing a red tank top, dark jean shorts, and a cute black vest top she got from me. I was wearing a tied up pink flannel shirt, paired up with dark blue skin tight jeans, along with a pair of worn out converse. This morning I’d been worried what Trevor would say so I had put on the bracelet he got me that says ‘mine’ and the necklace that says ‘T+V’ he had been wanting me to never take it off, and I decided it might make him less judgmental on the shirt I’d put on this morning. Kelly, made me wear it, and not wanting to explain why I couldn’t, I agreed.

            “So, you know Casey well she started dating Abraham, again. Finn kissed Kristen and Kristen’s boyfriend Kyle punched him in the face, broke his nose I heard.  Oh and we got 3 freshman guys coming. I think their names are Toby Jenson, Jason Farrell, and Luke Mitchell. They came from some gang, and they got kicked out of there old school, they came here because their parents claimed they needed new scenery. So Jason is the Sweetie and Toby’s is the muscle, oh and, Luke is like the leader of the other two.  I hear they have already slept with a 100 girls!! Can you believe the sluts these days, god some girls need class.” She rants to me looking envious.

            “I know right.” I hear Trevor’s deep voice sounding annoyed. I feel his arms around me hugging me from behind. He is the only ‘bad boy’ in this school and is probably not happy with competition. I turn around and link my arms around his neck he smiles cockily, and I know everyone’s looking our way, girls for him and guys for me. He pulls me in for a kiss and wraps me tighter around him, I smile and pull back.

            “What was that for?” I ask it nicely but he and everyone else knows I'm not a touchy person.

            “I missed you.” He tells me, he says it nice enough but anyone with eyes can see the threat in his blue orbs. I peck him and let go of his neck, although the show is over everyone still looks our way.

            “I have to go to George’s office and grab my phone I left it in the car.” I tell Trev and glance at Kelly, who nods her okay and then I look at Trev. “I’ll be right back”

            “I’ll walk you there, you might get lost.” He says looking concerned. I shake my head.

            “It’s okay Trev; I’ll see you at lunch I’ve got to go. I know where it is.” I add. He nods looking rejected. I grin and give him a sloppy kiss on the cheek scrambling into the building and walking towards George’s office, I hear a deep chuckle near Georges office and then I hear an argument, I walk a little faster. I see three drop dead handsome guys tossing a familiar set of keys and I lean against the school walls watching them.

            “You take them!” The one that has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and the most muscle you’ll ever see. He's looks to be the Hulk of the three. He throws it to the guy with dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and a beaney.

            “No! I look the most suspecting!” He tells the others throwing them to the third guy who has brown hair, brown eyes, and has lean muscles.

            “No, you’re not we all are wearing pretty much the same thing.” He says giving them a ‘Duh’ look. They are all wearing the same thing. Except for the fact their leather jackets are slightly different looking. They are wearing dark jeans, black or white shirts, and a leather jacket. They are wearing a nice pair of Nike’s though, I think to myself.  I decide to make myself known and cough loudly, while walking towards them. They all check me out. After a couple awkward moments I'm in front of them holding out my hand.

“Dibs!” they say in unison. I roll my eyes.

“Boyfriend!” I say in the same tone they used. They slump their shoulders defeatedly. I laugh a little then put my hand more toward them; they look at my hand with furrowed eyebrows.

            “What?” the second one asks I roll my eyes at their stupidity.

            “Give me the keys, and tell me what you did.” The third guy steps forward and raises his hand, I flinch away. But then his eyes widen and I know I just made them suspicious.

            “I’m not going to hurt you.” The third guys says cautiously and I fell my hands tremble slightly, not from fear of them but from fear of him. He’ll be very angry to know I slipped up. I nod and put my shaking hand out, he drops the keys gently and steps back. Once he does I feel like I can breathe again, I take in a lungful of air and step back a little more. They look kind of weirded out by my actions but I don’t care.

            “What’d you do in the principal’s office?” I ask and the buffest guy responds looking cocky.

            “We just messed it up a little.” He says obviously being sarcastic. I frown slightly, and then I hear George talking to Ann on the phone, as always.

            “Okay honey I have to go, yeah I have paperwork see you tonight. Love you too, bye” He ends the call sounding only around the corner. I turn to the boys and mouth ‘Hide’ they quickly oblige, running into an empty classroom and keeping the door open a crack, obviously to see what I'm doing.

            “Violet, what are you doing in school, you know students aren’t supposed to come in until 8 o’ clock” he tells me sternly.  I smile.

            “Well, I left my phone in your car.” I tell him sweetly. He looks as if a light bulb light above his head light up.  He grabs my blue cased phone out of his pocket.

            “There you are.” He says handing me my phone. I take it carefully putting it in my back pocket. “Hey, I have to tell you something.” I tell him he looks confused.

            “Of course, let’s go to my office.” I panic for a moment.

            “Actually it about your office.” He looks at me urging me to go on. So I do. “Well, you see I just made a huge mess in there, it’s just I don’t know I was just so angry. I-I” I make my voice crack. “I was j-just so mad at my brother I took it out on your office and I'm sorry, Dad.” I add looking teary eyed, I watch with blurry vision as he looks down at the ground thinking, I know he is wrapped around my finger, he’ll do nothing, I had used the dad card he’s a goner. He looks at me sadly.

            “Oh, Violet it’s not your fault!” he says. “I’m sorry I haven’t mad more of an effort to make you happy.” He tells me looking guilty. I nod and hand him the keys.

            Burr-Ring the shrill ring of the bell causes him to hurry to his office yelling a good luck over his shoulder. The boys walk out of the classroom looking impressed.

            “Th-“starts the buff one but I cut him off.

            “Don’t mention it. Ever.” I add. I think about Trevor and slightly shiver. Just imagining his reaction. They look a little offended but I just turn around and march to my first class, I get there a couple minutes early and notice most of the guys in class staring at me with determination in their eyes, oh brother.

            “Where’s Trevor?” a guy, I don’t know, comes up to me asking.

            “Probably in class?” I tell the guy but it sounds more like a question. He nods.

            “So well, I was wondering if maybe-“ he gets cut off by Trevor walking in and slipping an arm around me posesively.

            “No she wouldn’t, she has plans!” Trevor says furiously, I sigh.

            “I’m sorry but he is right. But thank you for asking. I really am sorry.” I tell him sincerely.

            “Hey.” He tells me smiling mischievously. I nod in response, and he picks me up, I giggle crazily. Looping my arms around his neck, I grin lovingly at him. He smirks and I smile sheepishly, and bury my head in Trev’s chest.

            “Put her down!” I hear a male voice say furiously, I peek out to see the three guys from this morning. It’s like the whole crowd stops and stares silently at us.

            “No, she’s my girlfriend. I’ll do with her what I want.” Trevor states, looking beyond furious at the moment. Oh man, I just got him in a good mood, I think to myself ruefully. “Sweetheart, do you know these guys?

I feel my palms become clammy. I’ve never been nervous in front of crowds, I want to be an actress for crying out loud, but right now with a crowd of expectant faces, and 4 different guys wearing leather jackets, I panic. I completely panic. I turn into a rambling mess. That would describe me at this moment perfectly.

            “Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Oh man, it’s so hot I think I'm going to cry, that’s normal right? Did you know that it doesn’t make sense to cry, like when you get really emotional and cry? It literally mystifies scientists. There is no reason for a person to cry when they get emotional, it doesn’t make any sense. Like at all. Like, when you scream when you’re falling, I mean there’s no reason to scream, there’s no way to stop yourself from falling by screaming, but we still do it. This one time when I was 8 I tripped off the big toy and when I was falli-“ I get cut off, and am very thankful to say the least, I try to catch my breath. To my surprise, it was the tall, blonde, and buff guy from earlier, who interrupted me.

            “You look so cute all nervous and rambling. Luke can we keep her?” he asks the guy with brown hair and black eyes, whose name I'm guessing is Jason.

            “Over my dead body.” Trevor states angrily. I have no idea why the teachers are not saying anything but I'm pretty sure they’re supposed to.

            “That can be arranged.” Luke states whilst grinning like a Cheshire cat, I almost don’t hear him, seeing as I am way to busy thinking about how much trouble a student can get in for slapping some sense into a teacher.

            “I would hit you but, contrary to what you might think, I don’t hit girls.” Trevor says cleverly, I virtually high-five him for the comeback. I figure I should interrupt the two before they kill each other. I step between the 3 new guys I’ve never met up until this morning and my boyfriend.

            “Boys, Boys” I put one of my hands on both Jason and Trevor’s chest and push a little successfully separating them and putting myself in between. “Your both pretty,” Trevor gives me a warning look. “Well, one of you is. But there’s no need to fight, let’s talk about this rationally like adults. Kay?” I ask sweetly.

            “Sweetheart, come on lets go.” Trevor says swinging an arm around my shoulders and turning us both around, we get two steps forward before a very callused and warm hand wraps around my wrist. It’s Jason. I feel my body come to a halt and Trevor stops a step in front of me he turns around and takes a glance at the hand on my wrist. He loses his patience and grabs me viciously by the arm and throws me behind him while he advances on Luke and punches him square in the jaw, to my surprise instead of backing up their friend the two boys step back. I stare in astonishment, not at the two boys exchanging punches, but at the teachers who finally get off of their asses and break up the fight.

            “Trevor!” I hear, and I look over to see a pretty brunette jump into his awaiting arms. I wait for it, the romantic kiss and the ‘bye bye Vi’, it never comes and I'm surprised at the disappointment I feel. He sets her on his feet, and as always looks at me. I act as though I'm jealous, shooting the girl a dirty look. He mouths ‘We’ll talk later.’ I nod and walk to class slowly.

            “Mrs.Reed, nice to see you could make it.” Mr.Angeloni says sarcastically.

            “Sorry, there was a bit of a commotion in the hallway and it got in my way, I do apologize for the horrible impression I made on you and this classroom. Sir, would you please show me where to sit during this class period, if you would be so kind.” I stated politely, acting as though I was a teachers pet. What? I need all the practice I can get.

            “I’d be happy to oblige.” He stated, as he chuckled, well giggled like a school girl. I hear a couple astonished sighs, and give Mr.Angeloni a charming smile, he leads me too a desk and pulls out the chair. Who said chivalry is dead?

            For the next 10 minute he is in a seemingly good mood and grants favors and extensions on projects from the students who are in summer school. We all turn to the doorway, when the door slams open, Hulk is there. The guy from earlier who asked if he and his friends could keep me.

            “Toby Jenson, one of our students from New York, so nice of you to stop in.” Mr.Angeloni says.

            And just like that, the good moods gone.


            I feel a tap on my shoulder and my concentration breaks, I drop my pencil on the floor and squat down and grab it, I look up into the culprits eyes and see a pair of pale blue eyes staring back at me. Toby. I grin charmingly, and shoot him a questioning look.

            “Yeah?” I ask sweetly.

            “Wow, so your not one of those feisty good girls in the romance novels claiming to not be a good girl, I'm impressed.” He tells me sincerely.

            “Well, what is a bad girl really? A girl who wears tight clothes, gets bad grades, and breaks the law? If so, then why would I want to be that? Why would I want to show that I think that low of myself? Honestly, why?” I rant, and sit back in my chair focusing on my paper for today’s assignment, to write down the rules he announces. Nobody’s doing it but once the guys see me crazily writing down as much as I can. I hear a sigh of adornment from Toby but decide not to comment on it. Instead, I turn to the boy beside me Liam Gilmore,a cute nerd.

            “Liam?” I inquire sweetly. He looks up from his paper startled.

            “Violet Reed.” He responds immediately. I blush lightly, nobody calls me that.

            “You can call me Vi.” I tell him and he nods. “So do you know what the last rule was I got distracted by Toby, he was talking to me.”

            “Well, he said we cannot talk.” He says pointedly to looking Toby’s way.

            “Thanks.” I grin writing down the last rule. I hear the bell and sprint out of class and get to the office.

            “George?” I inquire stepping into his office without knocking. In the seats in front of his desk, sits Luke and Trevor. “Am I interrupting?”

            “Hey Violet,” I internally cringe at my full name. “What brings you to my office?” George asks.

            “I wanted to ask about Trevor and Luke.” I say bluntly. George raises his eyebrows.

            “Violet,” There is that shiver again, I should visit a doctor. “You cant stay in here this is a private matter.” He says with finality. I nod and use my acting skills to let a tear drop down my face, I pout sadly and walk to the door. I hear a little commotion and turn around to see Luke and Trev glaring at each other and looking stubborn.

            “She is my girlfriend, I will be the one to comfort her not you.” Trevor says decidedly.

            “I” he takes a step forward, “Don’t” he takes another so they are chest to chest eye to eye. “Care.” He ends, pulling his arm back, I stop my crying façade and watch with wide, wary eyes. Luke drops his hand, and steps back with a look as if he hadn’t even known what he was doing.

            “You are both suspended for 4 days each. When you come back you will put in 40 hours of community service, and if you get it done by November, then this will be taken off your record, so no college admissions officers see it.

            Neither of them looked as if they cared who saw their fighting record whatsoever. I know who ill be lecturing about college later. Trevor.

            “Sweetheart, lets get out of here.” Trevor tells me walking towards the door. I shake my head.

            “No I need to finish my classes, I only have lunch, then math and science. I need to go.” I tell him bravely. Luke shoots me an encouraging smile. I look into Trev’s eyes.

            “Trust me?” I ask.

            “Always.” He responds easily.


            “So, the three new boys love you too? Not like you were lacking boys. Do you have to be so fucking stunning?” she asked angrily. This was it, she was finding a way to stop being my friend and she was using anything she could.

            “Well, maybe if you didn’t act like a troll! Maybe guys would see that you don’t look like a troll!” I yell back at her. She stands up and I do too. The lunchroom is filled with whisper and gasps, surprised that I have a backbone I suppose.

            “Oh fuck you! Fuck your rich family! Fuck your brother! And fuck your Boyfriend!! I am so done with being your friend! Everything is about you! Your dead parents! Your underweight issues!! Your boy problems!!” She rants, screaming like a banshee.

            “What about your problems? Your child molester uncle! Your unloving parents! Your nonexistent love life!! Your constant jealousy over me! Yes I’m pretty, and smart, and I try to be polite, but I work to be that way! You are just a bitter bitch jealous of a Lego house I made that you can’t bring yourself to take the time to make as well. I hope you fucking step on a Lego.” I scream just as loudly back at her.

            “I hope you rot in hell with your parents!” She tells me viciously. I can see her unshed tears, and she can no doubt see mine.

            “And I hope your uncle rapes you again.” I say in a little less loud voice. She storms off. And I collapse sobbing to the ground. She had said my parents were in hell, she went into a sacred subject, and so did I. I felt a tap and got hit with Déjà vu, there standing above me was Luke, Toby, and the last one I never got his name.

            “Do you want me to get Trevor?” Luke ask lowly, and I shake my head vigorously. He nods and holds out his hand for me to take-And I do something that will land me in a heap of trouble with Trev-I take it

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