Abused (Zouis)

Zayn Malik has been abused all his life. He is abused at school and at home. What happens when he catches the eyes of the most popular boy in school, Louis Tomlinson. Will Zayn trust Louis enough to give him a chance or will he push him away like he did to everyone else? Will Louis be able to fix Zayn? read to find out.


1. One

Zayn's POV

   "Wake up you lousy piece of shit" My father screamed, flipping me out of the torn up mattress that I call a bed. I got up quickly and got ready for school. I grabbed the phone that my mother gave me before she left and went downstairs. I quickly left the house before my dad could beat me. I'll regret that later. I went to my best friend Niall's house. He is literally the only one I got that cares about me. I knocked on his door and he answered almost immediately.

   "Hey Zaynie, ready for school" He asked as we started our walk to RiverPool High School. I shook my head and looked down.

   "I am getting tired of all the harassment. Why can't they just leave me alone?" I asked. I felt Niall wrap his arm around my shoulders. We were quiet for the rest of the walk. When we got to school, I could literally feel everyone sending nasty glares my way.

   "You just need to ignore what they say Zayn. They don't know how great of a guy you are" Niall said as we walked to his locker. I nodded my head and waited for Niall to gather all of the things that he needed for the first half of school. After he gathered what he needed, we went off to first block. Luckily we have all classes together. We went to our normal seats in the back and soon everyone was in the classroom. 5 minutes after the bell rings, the door burst open and in comes Louis Tomlinson, the most popular and hottest boy in this school.

   "Your late, Mr. Tomlinson" Said Mrs. Smith, our teacher.

   "I don't really care" Louis said with a smirk on his face. He looked around the classroom and his eyes landed on the seat that was on my left. Niall sat on my right. He walked over and sat down beside me.

   "Louis, its not safe to sit beside him. Stupidity is contagious" Said Mark Phillips.

   "I don't see anything wrong with him. And if you say something like that again, I'll punch your teeth down your throat" Louis threatened. Mark didn't say anything else after that.

Louis' POV

   I walked into school and went straight to my best friend Harry's locker. I saw Liam standing there in a heated conversation with Harry.

   "Hey guys, What you talking about?" I asked, causing them to look at me.

   "Nothing much. We were just talking about how cute Luke and Ashton would be together" Harry said, referring to our other two friends. I just rolled my eyes.

   "Where are they anyway?" I asked.

   "Ashton called me and said he was picking up Luke, Michael, Calum, Jasmine, and Skyler" Liam replied. I nodded my head and continued to talk to the boys. The bell rang and I smirked

   "Your going to purposely be late to get on your teachers nerves, aren't you?" Harry asked. I nodded and they both rolled their eyes. They went to class and I stayed in the hallway for about five minutes before finally going into my classroom.

   "You're late Mr. Tomlinson" Mrs. Smith said angrily

   "I don't really care" I said with a smirk. I ignored the annoyed look she gave me and looked around for a seat. My eyes landed on a seat beside a really cute boy. I've seen him around but never really paid much attention to him. I quickly walked over to the seat and sat down.

   "Louis, its not safe to sit beside him. Stupidity is contagious" Mark said, referring to the quiet boy that seemed hurt by the words. I can't stand bullying. It just pisses me off that people pick on others because of the stupidest things.

   "I don't see anything wrong with him. And if you say something like that again, I'll punch your teeth down your throat" I threatened. Mark didn't say anything after that.

That's what I thought. I looked over at the cute boy and saw him smiling. Damn, he sure is cute. I gave him a smile an he looked away blushing. This is fun. When the bell rang, Zayn quickly ran out of the classroom with his friend. I found out his name because the teacher called on him to answer a question.

   I grabbed my things and ran out of the classroom. As I was walking to my next class, I heard something that sounded like fighting. I followed the sound and saw Mark, Jason, and Kyle surrounding a boy. I got a closer look and noticed that the boy was in fact Zayn.

   "What the Fuck do you think you are doing?" I asked angrily. What is up with people hurting the shy ones. No one deserves any of the shit that people put them through. The three of them turned around and faced me. Their faces turned into a look of fear because the entire school knows how much I despise bullying. They quickly turned around and took off running. I was going to chase them but I had to make sure that Zayn was alright. I walked over to where he was sitting and knelt down beside him.

   "Are you okay?" I asked gently. He looked up and I saw a black eye and a bloody nose. I helped him up and was about to say something, when I heard running footsteps coming from behind me. I turned around and saw his friend running toward us.

   "Zayn, are you alright?" He asked, stopping in front of us. Zayn nodded and his friend turned his head to me in confusion.

   "Did you help him?" The boy asked. I nodded my head and gave him a small smile. He opened his mouth to say something else but was cut off by a small voice.

   "Th-thank y-y-you"

   I looked at Zayn and saw him smiling at me. By the sound of Zayn's voice, I could tell he was broken. Looks like I have a bit of fixing to do.

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