Abuse felt like forever

Maddi was a teenage girl abused by her father. Her mother was too but passed 4 months after she was born...from her father. What happens when she has enough of the abuse and she wants to run away from it and finds love? Maddi's only friend named Hannah is having the same problem as her.


1. introduction

Hey I'm maddi. I'm 17 years old and my father he abuses me. My mother passed 4 months after I was born....I'm a mess I wish all my problems would just go away! I hate my father! I hate...my life. Every one hates me well besides my friend. My only friend. She's the only one who knows that my father abuses me. She's the only person I can trust in this creepy weird world

"MADDI GET DOWN HERE AND BRING MY BELT!" Great he's home I grabbed his belt and walked downstairs to meet my ugly stupid dad. He immediately took his belt out of his hands and whipped me on the face as it left a leather bloody Mark on the side of my face. Ouch. He stopped after like an 1 hour and went to bed. I walked up stairs and grabbed all my clothes which are 3 t shirts,2 jeans, underwear, socks and bras. I opened my window and seen my friends window ( Hannah ) I threw a pen at her window and she looked towards me and opened her window...weird she has the same mark as me on my face and its bleeding like crazy. Both of our faces are. I said quietly " pack you book bag with ur clothes I have money downstairs meet me outside we'll walk to the airport. Right now!" I whispered and she nodded as we shut our windows. I quickly but quietly ran downstairs and grabbed all his money which was billions of dollars. Yea he's rich but not right now cause I basically just robbed him. I quickly but quietly ran out the door and seen Hannah with her bag. " let's go." We ran to the airport which is 4blocks from our houses. We finally got there and decided to go to London. " I'm so glad we came Hannah!" I said so happy as me and her kept hugging. "Thanks for the idea of leaving Maddi!" We got on the plane and we were off!:)

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