Found but nowhere to be seen

Hayley have been through a lot and her biggest wish is to have a normal life. But, to accomplish her wish, she needs to go through even more.
Her mom is a cannibal and her dad is a psychopath, but, what happens when she falls in love?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Waking up is the worst part of the day; you need to communicate with people and actually ask them how they are feeling, even though you don’t really give a shit about it. I’ve always wondered how it would be in a normal family, you know, eating breakfast together, while talking about the news and what their plans are for the day. Our routine is to grab some leftover food from the fridge and try not to look into each other’s eye, that’s one of the things you need to avoid in our fucking family.


Once, I had a good relationship with my dad. When I was a child, we would go to the beach and pretend that we were mermaids, I know, pretty weird, but that’s how my family was, before the accident. We never talk about the ocean anymore and if someone mentions it once, they are dead, or, that’s what I would call it.

Our neighbors think that we are happy and that we are normal, but would you call a family with a psychopath father and a cannibal mother, a normal family?

I’m not even sure what I am, well, I am seventeen years old and my name is Hayley. That’s a pretty normal name for an American girl, am I right? Fuck it; I don’t even care if I’m wrong.


When I was a kid, my mom made the food in the house. Once, I asked her, what was in the meat, since the taste was different, but better. She just smiled and said “Your uncle, Henry.”

Back then, I just laughed and said “You are crazy, mom.” And she would always reply “Crazy, is our family”.


My dad told me, that whatever my mom tells me, I am not allowed to tell the other kids. I did once, though – and I quickly regret it. That’s when all the bullying started and living, was like hell.

Whenever the kids at school started teasing me, I would run home and tell my parents. My mom usually said, “Don’t worry, kiddo. If they don’t stop, I will make them a part of our dinner.” And correct she was, when one of the kids was missing and the dinner was better than ever.


The bullying got worse in high school. I fell in love for the first time and Trace was unfortunately the one. Unlike other girls, I neither talked to him, but when we got eye contact, my heart would start beating so hard and fast, that anyone would be able to hear it, unfortunately the rich kid did.


She even started to like him, I mean, I don’t know if she liked him before, but a couple of weeks after, they were in a relationship. How I felt about it? Try stabbing my heart a thousand times with a sharp knife and ask me again.


I got through him, when I dropped out of high school. Don’t misunderstand me; I didn’t want to drop out. My mom was the one doing it, she found out I had a crush on a guy and took the decision herself.


I even started to hate her, not because of a guy, but because she took the opportunity to get an education away from me. What I am doing now? Watching my dad kill innocent people, while my mom is cooking them for dinner and I’m working in Mac Donald’s, serving the bullies fresh burgers. 

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