Niall's Princess

Nialls meets the girl of his dreams he's a prince but doesn't relies that the girl he met was a runaway Princess...


1. Chapter one

Niall's POV,

I was walking in the town of Ireland my home town, I was getting sick of people calling me there king I wasn't there king I was the Kings son I was the prince but no king and i didn't want to be a king or a prince I wanted to be a normal teenager to have a normal life in a normal house not a castle and people always wants to take pictures with me and not hang out with me I hated it so much and all the girls like me not for who I am for who I was. I look down and kick the rocks why can't I be normal I look up seeing fighting and laughing I ran over there two guys were hitting a girl

"You fuckin slut" said one of the guys she was crying in pain I ran and tackled the guy to the floor the other ran away I let go of him and he runs everyone stops and looks away I hear the girl crying I go over to her

"Are you alright?" I ask she tilts he head up at me and wow she had a beautiful face I literally died when she looked at me her brown eyes looking at my crystal blue eyes her hair curly/wavy in the wave of her face her lips a red color. She nods

"I'm okay" she says I put my hand out to help her she takes it and trips on me now she's on top of me

"I'm so sorry" she says trying to push herself up I help her up and we both stand "I'm sorry" she says again

"Do you know who I am?" I ask she shakes her head

"No" she says her pretty eyes popping out "am I suppose to know who you are?" I shake my head

"I'm glad you don't know who I am, but I'm prince Niall" I say she looks down did I do something to her

"I-I have to go" she says seeing another prince riding on horses coming towards us she's running for her life

"I didn't get to know your name!" I yell she turns around and yells

"It's Destiny!" She says turning her back on me and running again.

Destiny's POV,

I ran back to the hiding spot I was with "Prince Niall the charming Prince" he didn't seem to charming to me I heard so many rumors about him thank god he doesn't know who I am, I am the Princess of Ireland not the sister of Niall but I am one of the Princesses one of my best friends were to I better get back to her we both ran away and found a house for us to stay at so my father won't find me and her father won't find her we were getting sick of not having are friends or seeing our friends Macy got marry to a guy named "Louis" Megan got married to a guy named "Zayn" and Sarah got married to a guy named "Harry" we barley get to see them there always gone with there Princes! Geez glad I'm not Princess anymore but if people mess with me that's when I say I'm princess Destiny that's when they back away. I walk in the house I was staying the old raggedy house but it's better then being at home Emily "my best friend" is sitting at the kitchen reading evermore I read that already

"How you liking that?" I ask she slams the book down and looks at me she always acts like my mom even if she's a month younger then me

"Where were you!" She yells "I was worried sick"

"I just met Prince Niall" I say

"Did you mention your name?" She ask I look down and nod

"Oh Destiny, no that's a bad!" She screams

"I won't do it again" I say hearing the door open it was my dads guard "damn it!" The guards take me and Emily to the castle Niall's castle we walk in seeing my dad and the other king my dad looks at me

"Your so grounded if you do that again!" He yells

"Why it's not like you care about me and I love to be grounded I actually get some peace from the world!" I shout Emily's father comes out

"Emily!" He yells

"I'm sorry dad" she says looking down Niall comes in sliding out and dancing around he looks up at me

"What's going on?" Niall ask oh thank god he didn't tell I was starting to like him....OH HELL I can't like him

"We're taking this Princess Destiny back to her bedroom" his father says

"Just let be free for once I cant stand being here!, I never had actual friends except Macy,Magen and Sarah! But there gone with there princes! I have know one it's only me and Emily left people don't like me for who I am they like me for who I was!" I shout my dad comes up to me and takes my arm "OW!" I shout he loosened his grip

"Sorry" he says Emily's father takes her to and me and her to our room "we share a room" they throw us in

"This is your fault!" She shouts

"It is not, Niall didn't even know what was going on" I say her eyes winded

"Your falling in love with him!, you can't Destiny!" Emily shouts I hear the door open its out maid Gorgia

"We're having dinner tonight with the princes so wear something nice" she says giving us out dresses me and Emily exchange looks and gulp we hated putting on dresses the had to tighten out dresses..

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