summer adoption plan (5sos)

Luke is getting in trouble a lot so his mother, Liz decides to bring a new member into their family. Liz adopts a fourteen year old girl, Luke's new sister called Leah. Their parents are out of town for two months and Ben and Jack have moved out. Leah is the one who takes care of her older brother Luke and they get close. Will Leah be able to stop Luke from making the worst decision of his life or will he ignore his young sibling?


1. The adoption

~~Luke's POV

I had just got home from school when my mom, Liz, called me into the kitchen.

"Luke, I, I have something to tell you." His mom said nervously, taking a seat at the dining room table.

"What is it?" I asked, getting worried. My mom took a deep breath.

"Your grades are dropping and, me and your dad have decided we want another child." My mom looked me in the eye.

"I asked your brothers and they're okay with it, are you?" I thought for a minute then replied,

"I don't mind as long as you're happy." The conversation soon ended and I forgot all about it.

It had been two weeks since that conversation when I heard the front door open.

"Go! Calum! Shoot, shoot! Noo!" My player died as I screamed at the T.V.

"Luke, here's Leah, your new sister." My mom presented a fourteen year old girl. Leah had long blonde hair that was similar to mine, green eyes, pale perfect skin and was wearing casual clothes. She wore a 'Green day' t-shirt, white skinny jeans and some black and white converse.

"Hey Luke." She said. I stood up and walked towards her. I must've looked frightening because she took a step back. Well I was six feet tall, wearing a red and black flannel, black ripped skinny jeans and black vans. I outstretched my hand and she shook it.

"I guess I'm your new brother." I helped her carry her stuff into her new room and unpacked her stuff. We got to know each other really well and she seemed great. Everyone went to bed while I scrolled through my twitter.


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