a girl lands in a dome, struggling to fight for survival she ends up with a group of boys.
Turns out, this is much more than a dome, it's the death chamber.


1. Heat

Metal ground against metal, a huge violent bulge shook the floor beneath her and she collapsed in a sudden rush. She danced backwards and jolted up again on her bare muddy feet, she pulled back her matted black hair and droplets of sweat emerged from her forehead even though it was below minus three degrees. She groaned in pain as she felt her spine dig into the rusty, iron pole behind her and slipped like a wonky piece of card trying to rest up on one side but failing miserably. She felt herself slowly emerging in the floor, falling ever so slowly. She pulled her legs up tight to her stomach, cradling herself as if she was a child again even though she was only sixteen. Her mouth felt dry, as if she had eaten hot sand from a desert. She couldn’t keep her breathing at a normal pace as she was dehydrated, her stomach thirsted for water. She could feel her eyes weakly closing against her will, even though she told herself to get used to the darkness surrounding her.

      For some reason, she felt claustrophobic.

Her ears clicked like bunny’s ears as she heard violent noises of iron chains clanging against the pulleys. For some reason she had felt as if she had stepped through time and landed in an old factory where they probably did a load of metal workings.

      She felt as if something was missing that was a part of her, her mind was all over the place as she couldn’t remember. She couldn’t remember where she was, or who she was or her past life. She only remembered a name. But the name seemed unclear to her still.

Vanessa, who did that name belong to?

Her eyes widened in surprise as she remembered that name belonged to her. Her name was Vanessa.

      The room continued to rock slowly, and for some reason it didn’t affect Vanessa anymore. Although, in her thoughts she predicted that she must had been in this old beaten crappy elevator for an hour and five minutes.

      She wasn’t as scared as she was half an hour ago, thinking about it Vanessa’s fears turned into curiosity.

      Vanessa jolted upright again; hearing a loud clash and a halt. She threw herself across the room and bashed against a small rusty cage and a distinct growl came from that direction. She shivered and flinched away, but as she was curious she slowly crept towards it. She pulled the piece of old cloth away from the cage, and nothing was there. It was just an audio effect of a growl.


Vanessa waited anxiously for over five minutes.

She glanced around in every corner and direction her head could move to in a panic. Her hands smoothly glided against the thick wired cage. Vanessa waited until she figured a way out, but there was nothing that appeased her mind to say: go for that escape. She groaned in annoyance, and the room echoed her frustration to resemble some kind of donkey, or the walking dead. Vanessa clenched her fists and punched the ground, which shook it ever so slightly and she screamed.


      She shivered in fear and worry consumed her thoughts again, his shoulders shuddered and cringed slightly. She felt as if an earwig was slowly creeping up her spine. Slowly, and uncomfortably.

      Her heart pounded and increased, as if it was trying to escape from her chest. She wrapped her arms around her chest, feeling the fear getting to her thoughts.

      Then the room came to an awkward and uncomfortable halt.

‘H…help me!’ Vanessa managed to choke out of her. She couldn’t feel her throat, or Adams apple.

      Vanessa heard a sudden shove of what sounds like it came from a latch, she glanced up and noticed a small crack in the roof and revealed a small beam of warm light. She hovered over the light to feel the warmness against her skin, making her feel a little bit more relaxed. She pulled in a deep breath and exhaled again as she glanced up. She watched intently as she realized the light was expanding and her eyes squinted in pain, as if her eyes had been pinched with something sharp. Her face was covered by her muddy hands, blocking out the sunlight as if she was afraid of it.

Distinct noises and whispers of curiosity came from above, and she froze instantly in alarm.

‘Why is she here?’

‘How old does she look?’

‘I don’t know, but it’s the first girl we’ve had in ages.’

‘Shut up! She’ll hear you, she’s not deaf.’

Vanessa raised an eyebrow in confusion, keeping herself close in panic. She recognized some of the voices, because they were British. Foreigners. Their voices had a slight pitch of echo towards it. Or maybe it was just her. She noticed that they were all young boys around her age, and they were hovering over the hole as if they had never encountered with a girl before. The boys were different ages, possibly around twelve to seventeen years old. Vanessa’s face was puzzled and she didn’t know what was going on.

Her eyes hovered back to the floor as someone lurched a huge thick rope down to her that had a loop tied at the bottom. She flinched slightly. Vanessa stepped in with her right foot and clutched securely on the rope as she was forcefully yanked towards the blue, clear sunny sky that she hadn’t seen before. She couldn’t describe how she felt; it wasn’t a negative, or adequate or positive feeling. It was just her gut instinct telling her to just go through with it. She felt as if she was going to throw up and collapse on the ground to her death, but she managed to hold it in.

      ‘Welcome to the dumping ground,’ the seventeen year old boy spoke.

‘Nice to meet ya, girl.’

Vanessa scanned his expression, he looked breathless and alarmed.



The helping hands didn’t stop emerging or spawning around her until she was able to stand up right and removed all the dirt from her jeans and vest-top that was hanging loosely on her shoulders. She flinched backwards a bit as she was still not used to the bright rays of sunlight brushing against her face. She felt light headed, nauseated and feverish but her mind was still full of curiosity to explore.

      They were trapped in a dome. It was more of a prison court yard that could at least fit more than five football fields in. She was caved in by grey, wall made of stone that was twenty feet tall. Each side was split in the exact middle by opening as tall as the walls themselves that from what she could see seemed to be a passage opening.

      ‘What is…where am i?’ Vanessa breathed, finally asking a question. But it was ever so quiet she didn’t know how one of the boys knew what she asked.

      ‘She’s a girl, what’s with this?’ A scratchy dry voice asked in a yelling manner, he threw is weapon to the ground and looked annoyed. His jaw was clenched and his mad eyebrows exaggerated his emotions, his chubby cheeks looked hard and his lips were pursed together. He almost reminded her of a whiny bear.

      ‘Calm down Bryn,’ the sixteen year old boy with a British accent warned him. His palm were lowered and flat, a toning down gesture or whatever you call it. His hair was chopped up, messy and honey blonde. His facial structure was perfect and her heart fluttered when his hazel brown golden eyes fixed on hers. The group of teenage wild boys gazed at each other and whispered their thoughts to one other like parrots.

      Bryn, the alarmed and cautious boy walked towards Vanessa who held her ground firmly. For some reason, she craved a hamburger, and another she didn’t remember what one was.

      ‘What do you remember?’ he suddenly asked her. Vanessa didn’t get a friendly greeting, and she felt as if she was being interviewed. She glanced around the area, everyone was looking at her as if she was some new shiny new toy to mess around with and she suddenly felt uncomfortable. She glanced towards the British boy and he nodded to let her know that it was okay to speak. She shook her head and frowned slightly.

      ‘I don’t remember a thing, I’m sorry.’ That wasn’t a lie; it was just a haze to her. A blurry memory wanting to slowly reveal itself, but it doesn’t know how to as it doesn’t have the command. The group all focused on Bryn, whose facial expression looked down with lack of hope. The British boy looked over towards Vanessa, and she didn’t know what was exactly going on.

      ‘Get her water or something, she needs to feel comfortable. She’s not getting out anytime soon,’ He ordered two young boys around the age of thirteen who looked just as surprised as she was. One had brown frizzy afro hair and was quite large around the waist; his voice was slightly squeaky and adorably annoying.

Vanessa stood there silently with the rest of the group, and Bryn looked around dauntingly as if he was their leader.

      ‘Now!’ He roared and the group slowly parted to different directions of the small basic camp. His words echoed through her mind helplessly.

Not getting out any time soon

Vanessa followed after the two boys, the one with the afro was tugging at her arm harshly and she tried not to show that she was hurt. The boy tried to look like a soldier, brave and determined. He wouldn’t let anyone put him down.

      ‘What’s your name?’ Vanessa asked, trying to make a simple friendly conversation starter. The boy slowly moved his head to face her, and he was expressionless. He turned back to the direction they were walking in and concentrated on keeping her hostage.

      ‘Boyle,’ He stated after a few minutes. ‘That’s my name,’

She smiled weakly; she could only just about manage it. She glanced around the area and she found herself relaxing, which was strange to her.

They made their way into a large tent; it was open and lit with candles. She didn’t know where she was, but this tent made her feel slightly more at home.

There was a large round table with a replica of a building of some sort made from small wood sticks. As soon as Vanessa noticed the replica, it was covered by a cloth that was old and tacky. A black guy was resting up against a log, gazing up at her in astonishment. His dark eyes fixed on hers, examining her.

      ‘Reed, this is…’ Boyle trailed off as he remembered he didn’t know her name. Reed, the guy up against the log looked at Vanessa for an answer.

      ‘Vanessa,’ she stuttered, looking down as she tried to avoid everyone’s eyes gazing at her. He looked up at her, glaring back down at Boyle.

      ‘Been a month already, huh?’

Boyle shook his head. ‘No sir, it’s only been two and a half weeks since D…the last one,’ he paused and mentioned. The man was up on his feet, circling around Vanessa like a pole- but he was a few inches away to keep his space. Reed looked startled and cautious.

      ‘I wonder what makes her so important…’ He glowered at her, getting in her face. Vanessa took a step backwards and looked over towards Boyle.

      ‘I don’t know, but Bryn told me to send her to you.’ Boyle informed. Bryn’s eyes perked up in surprise as if a vending machine had just spoken up, Vanessa slowly backed away. Ever so slowly no one even noticed.

      ‘Alright, I’ll make sure she gets rest.’ He told Boyle, and glanced over to her for a second and back over to Boyle. ‘We’ll wake up at the highest peak of the morning tomorrow,’

She was walked out of the tent and into an old basement, where she was told to stay the night before they make arrangements for a room. As she was a girl of course.










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