Delilah. (1000 W)

*Flash Fiction Comp.*
Delilah was a "beauty which can't be compared" and she was everyone's fantasy. But she had a fantasy of her own and I wasn't aware of it until...


1. Her Name Was Delilah.


A name equal to a horse tranquilizer, making every guy in town unconscious with her angelic look. A beauty which can’t be compared to a nature’s gift but to the pretty artificial beings the only difference being that her resplendence is her own. Her beauty isn’t only beyond imagination of a loyal poet writing an ode about his blinding lover, but also it makes the world even more visible to a blind. There was no guy who had seen her and hadn’t fantasised of being with her.

The only thing no one knew was that she had a fantasy of her own.

I knew Delilah since before the time I started to walk. Started to walk as in before the time I got recovered after an accident. I got struck by a car but that collision led me to Delilah, the prettiest creature ever created by the mighty power of the unknown. She was a person out of place in that dull and gloomy medicine scented ward of the only hospital in town.

With my white plastered leg hanging by a cotton cloth, I peeked up at her lying two beds away from me in my row. It was so far away but I did everything to just glance at her. She silently read some book I wasn’t aware even existed and I would never even bother to find out about it because her face was what I only saw and nothing else seemed to be visible in front of her. I didn’t notice any of her scars on her delicate skin, no bruises on her face. All day I kept thinking why beautifully odd creature had to stay in a place like this, stinking with pungent smell of medicines.

She sometimes noticed me looking at her but I immediately turned my gaze to a jolly old lady in her late seventies who was my neighbour in the ward. Her name was Mrs. Saroor which quite matched her personality as Saroor means happy in Urdu and she was like that all the time: Happy. She had this permanent warm smile on her wrinkled face. Her eyes were brown with a touch of old-age grey and they sparkled throughout the day. I don’t know how she managed to smile so much after living seventy eight years of dreaded life of abandonment by all the people close to her. If I was her I wouldn’t have lived even sixteen years of life. Delilah and Mrs. Saroor used to talk but I don’t know about what. I always wished I had dog ears to listen how people conversed with Delilah and make her smile.

My heart rate increased at her every gaze in my direction. It felt as if the pumping heart would soon escape my chest. From time to time she killed me and from time to time she kept me alive. I never felt the currents in me flowing so hard against my thin veins and if I ever noticed it before then its magnitude would have been nothing compared to what it was when her oceanic eyes accidentally turned towards me. I watched her as her thick black hair fell in front of her delicate face, obscuring a wonderland of beauty from the world like an annoying drape.

The first time I saw her I felt a clear presence of a beating heart in me. I can’t say it was love because love is one strong word an eighteen year old person like me can’t say without fumbling. I wasn’t in love. Not yet.

There I had my best friend (who didn’t come to visit me after the accident or called me), a complete fat pack of my secrets, Suri. She knew every bit about my daily life but still insisted to know more about me. More (for a 13 year old) meant crush and crush meant having a big box of treasure chest which needed to be safely locked in a deep underground trench of my mind where nobody could reach. Although no one would ever suspect of me liking Delilah or any other girl since my looks totally deceives people in many ways. I can clearly tell how my looks make me different from what I really am but it’s complicated… Just like Delilah’s fantasy.

Another month had passed away and with it Mrs. Saroor did too. I remember how grey she was and how the sparkle of her eyes disappeared. It happened in front of me and it happened in seconds. She had a heart attack and before I could call out for help, her ecstatic soul left her body to become grey. At morning I saw Delilah crying. My heart broke when I saw her that I couldn’t control my legs as they moved towards her. Keeping my hand on her soft hair I caressed it. She looked up at me and tightly hugged me.

“I can’t live without her, Samantha.” she choked while her tears ran down her cheeks. I froze. I didn’t know what to say but more than that I was surprised she knew my name. I looked down at her tugging me like she had known me for years. “Say something,” she said looking into my eyes. “You are my only friend. Please now you talking to me”

Only friend?

She cried against my stomach and spoke again, “You still don’t remember do you? You still don’t remember after the accident! Look what dad did to us! ” Her lips quivered as her each and every word comes out of her mouth. Her voice sounding familiar and her face… I noticed the scar shaped like a cross on her delicate forehead.

Dad beats me because he knows we are together. He’s a homophobe. We have to escape Sammy or he’ll kill you………………………………………………... No, dad! Run Sammy! Run!


The sound flashed in my mind and so did her face. It was Delilah’s.

And her pet name was Suri. My beautiful girlfriend. 

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