❤️~A twist in time~❤️

A sonamy story Amy hate school a lot because of the popular kids and of course dance class and the guy she like dose noticed her And the school dance is. In a few days can Amy gets the guy she likes in time or will she have her heart smash to pieces read and found out


1. Chapter 1 whats this?


I was just walking in the wood at night

One don't ask why... Wait now I remember why

I was going to a friends house some popular girl said I could come

High school was not fun and for the record I hate dance class

As I was lost in the wood trying to get home I trip over something

In the dirt It was a watch it was a silver watch it look old

I just pick it up

And ran home

I wish the boy in my class liked me

He too was popular and he was on the football team and he was dating a cheerleader named Sally

I just don't want to go to school the next day but I had too...

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