Ziara Black

When I was little I was kidnapped by a gang of muggles. They want my magic. To somehow steal it and use it. I'm Zaria Black and this is my story.


1. Hogwarts letter

Hi I'm Ziara Xanthe Black but you can call me Zi. I was kidnapped when I was one. I had two brothers a twin called Regulas and an older brother called Sirius. When I was kidnapped they changed my name to Ziara Keira Ellis. My kidnappers are called Keira Ellis, 38, Callum Ellis, 40, Isabella Ellis, 10, she is kind, Logan Ellis, 14, Sam Ellis, 7 and Keeley Ellis, 4. I am locked in Keira's basement. No-one apart from Keira and Callum know I was kidnapped the rest think I'm their sister who goes to boarding school. Yesterday I got a letter saying I was a witch. My kidnappers already prepared me for this and told me that I was to study hard and be the best in my class.


I look different than the others. I have wavy black hair and brown eyes while Isabella and Keeley have blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes and Logan and Sam have brown hair with blue eyes. I got told I was kidnapped on my 9th birthday. Keira told me about my family and how important they are. My family are purebloods and are always Slytheren apart from Sirius he was a Gryffindor.


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