If Our Love Blossoms

288 years ago i had to leave my kingdom Nydaviel, for it went under attack both my parents King Alexander Of Verratrem and Queen Mariana Of Nydaviel both died when the kingdom came under attack, I escaped by the help of my friend Colin one of the guards in the palace, I am now here on earth living an Immortal life with Colin. My Name Is Princess Maria Of Galeddia and this is my story.


1. Princess Maria Of Galeidda

Name: Princess Maria Of Galeidda/Maria Lancaster

Age: 18 (288 years old)

Birthday: March 15, 1726 (on earth, i don't know the year for the one in Nydaviel)

Love Interest: Colin Essenza/Colin Jones 

Best Friend: Celia Essenza/Celia Jones 

Hair Color: Jet Black

Powers: Visions, control fire, water, earth, and air, read minds, and if having a nightmare she can change it

Eye Color: Brown (But changes color depending on her mood)

Personality: Funny, Quirky, Friendly, Loyal, Caring, and Mischievous 

Parents: Queen Mariana Of Nydaviel (Deceased) , King Alexander Of Verratrem (Deceased)

Hello my name is Princess Maria Of Galeidda, but here on earth i am known as Maria Lancaster. I had to leave my home Nydaviel because it went under attack, Both my parents died before i could even escape, but thanks to my friend (who i really like) Colin Guard of the palace and his sister Celia Essenza my lady inwiting helped me escape so they wouldn't capture me. well i guess that's it for now i tell you the rest later bye

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