The daughter of Azog

I looked at my pale skin. I had long hair and grey eyes. I had cuts down my face. I looked up at my father, "Father how do I look?"
"You look like Azog the defilers daughter."


1. Meet me, Mythril the defiler

I'm Mythril the defiler daughter of Azog the defiler. People wonder who'd love an orc especially this orc well my mum was Glosselith of Mirkwood, daughter of Thranduil and she didn't fit in with all the elves. She was killed by Thorin Oakenshield. When he killed her me and my father made an oath to get revenge on his kind. I have long brown hair, grey eyes, pale skin and pointy ears like most elves. I was going to join the dwarves and get information off them. I am only 81 years old (it's not very old as my life span is the same an elf's). I will make Thorin Oakenshield and his little group of dwarves pay! They will feel what it's like to lose ones you love!

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