We Did It

This is another 500 word story for the Flash Fiction Competition. It's a short story about a girl called River and her friend who bully another girl into committing suicide. It's quite deep but it highlights the realities of what bullying can do.
This is entirely fictional.


1. I, Murderer

“Mrs. Kelly has requested to speak with River,” the receptionist informed our teacher.
River was terrified; her insides folded in on themselves twice over. Mrs. Kelly must know what had happened between her and Jayden. River packed up her books from the table and slowly walked towards Mrs. Kelly’s office; once she summoned you, you had to go immediately.
River knocked twice before entering.
“Come in,” a faint voice called.
River sat opposite Mrs. Kelly and launched into an explanation.
“It was a mistake. I didn’t mean for it to happen. Neither did Jayden.” River glanced at Mrs. Kelly only to notice that she was confused.
“River, what are you talking about? I think I’ll have to turn a blind eye to what you have just said. The reason I called you in here was to discuss Alayna. She’s struggling here and I thought you could guide her along.”
River’s mind raced over her friends. Who was Alayna?
“Alayna has been here for three months but she has suffered serious bullying. I want you to befriend her, help her settle down and make some reliable friends. Can you do that?” Mrs. Kelly looked carefully at River, waiting for an answer.
“I don’t know who Alayna is. Do you have a photo-?”
“Of course. Wait a moment,” Mrs. Kelly interrupted, searching her laptop before turning the screen to face me.
“This is Alayna.”
River stared at the haunted wistful expression in shock. Alayna was the girl Jayden and River had bullied when she beat them in the maths test; when she was chosen for the athletics team; because she looked weird; because she was different. They had followed her home yesterday, posting letters through her door saying horrible things about her and her past, things that probably weren’t true.
“River? Will you help Alayna to cope? I’m sure I can trust you to do this.”
Mrs. Kelly looked at River expectantly, waiting for an answer. What could she say? River had tortured Alayna, made her life a misery and now this, it was like a punishment.
A knock on the door saved River.
It was a policeman, clutching a dripping wet rucksack.
“Can I speak to you?”
He addressed Mrs. Kelly quietly; his eyes spoke of pain and sadness. She nodded at River who got up to leave her office. As River left she heard the policeman mention the name Alayna. She stopped outside the door, pressing her ear against the keyhole.
“We found this bag in the river. The name tag says ‘Alayna Stark. Is she a student here?”
River imagined Mrs. Kelly’s shock and devastation.
Her reply sounded shaky, only just together, “Yes. Yes, she is.”
River had heard enough. She turned and walked out of the school grounds, not caring where she was going. It was entirely her fault. If Jayden and River hadn’t been so stupid and childish none of this would have happened.
River felt like was a murderer.
She had killed Alayna. Her and Jayden.

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