We Are Dreamers

This is a 500 word story for the Flash Fiction competition which also acts as the start of my 'novel'/story, 'Chosen'. I hope you enjoy reading it.
It's basically about a girl who finds herself on a beach in her dream, to find out more please read 'Chosen'.


1. I, Dreamer

"We shouldn't have done that."
 I stared at the path I had taken. The sand was soft against my feet, the soles sinking deep into the sandy dunes. Behind me the sea lapped against the sand, bubbling and frothing as each wave retreated. Small green bushes stood in front of me, blowing violently in the breeze, cutting through the air with a sharp hiss. The plants screened me from the train track which passed along the edge of the beach. The rails were orange with rust and seemed dull as they did not sparkle in the sunlight. The sheer cliff face behind the track snarled down on the beach, evoking an imposing atmosphere. It would not have surprised me if the cliff face had screamed at me to stop trespassing on the beach.
 "We shouldn't have done that." I repeated.
 I ducked down, flattening myself out onto the sand as I heard a low rumbling in the distance; the sound gradually increased until it was a loud screeching within my skull and a train flew past, disappearing into the darkness of a cavernous tunnel, hollowed out within the depths of the cliff. Where the tunnel actually went I would never find out. I had jumped out of the back carriage window of the previous train just before the vehicle had entered the tunnel and now I was here, stranded on a beach in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know why I jumped off; something hadn’t felt right. There had been a sense of foreboding and, as my senses are generally right, I had made my move to rescue myself as soon as the chance presented itself.
 "We shouldn't have done that." I spoke out loud, repeating the phrase for a third time.
 I started suddenly.
 Who was 'we'? I realised that I had said 'we' each time I questioned my actions when there was only myself there. There was no sound of another being and the beach looked as if it had been deserted for a long time considering the pure perfection it boasted. Although, there must have been activity at some point in history to build the train track and to construct a hollow in the cliff face, but still. The fact remained that this place had been abandoned for some time. Somehow, there was someone or something controlling my actions and everything I did. But who could this person be? And where were they? What did they want from me? I looked out to sea and pondered on this thought for a while. When I saw the sun sinking lower into the sky, casting a pink hue across the clouds, I decided that I had better start walking and work out how to get out of this place. I didn’t want to be stuck here in the dark with no company. I turned to the horizon where the sun was beginning to set and began to walk forwards. One foot then the other, over and over again.

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