Saving Sadie

Rhea Lynn just moved to Alaska. Since her dad studies polar bears as a scientist, she becomes very attached to the species. One day at the care center Rhea finds a polar bear name Sadie. But Sadie gets sick with pneumonia and Rhea must do everything she can to save her.


1. Polar

Cold air blew on Rhea Lynn's face as she walked up the soft and snowy hill to her log cabin. The wind blew and covered her sky blue jacket in flakes of white snow. Her dark brown hair becomes covered in snow when she puts her faux fur lined hood down as she walks into to her house. She flings the door open and steps inside.

"Rhea, close the door," her mother yells from the kitchen. "Don't make it any colder than it already is in here!" She yells.

Rhea's mother, Claire Lynn, never liked the idea of moving to Nome, Alaska. She would have been happy to stay right in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Sure, the cold weather in the winter wasn't great, but at least they had some warm weather.

"Come on, honey!" Rhea's dad says to her mother. "It's always going to be cold, but it will grow on you!" He assures her.

Rhea's dad, Robert Lynn, had to move to Nome, Alaska for his job. He would have turned it down if it didn't pay $50,000 a year. He tries to act like he loves it even though he really thinks it's a living nightmare.

"I don't mind the cold." Rhea said. "It really doesn't bother me, the polar bears can live here so can we."

Rhea loves Nome, Alaska, because of her love for polar bears. Since her dad's job studies polar bears, she gets to go to a polar bear care center every weekend to volunteer. Rhea isn't really bothered by the cold. She believes that everyone needs to try new things.

"OK, enough chitchat let's eat dinner" Rhea's mother 


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