What is love?


1. Prologue

Hi I'm Anne Marie kindness. I live in Dublin Ireland and it's pretty nice here. I live with my aunt and cousins. (7 cousins!) plus my uncle. At least we live in a mansion! Ya but no one knows I do. They think my uncle abuses me and I live out in the shed. They are wrong. My oldest cousin beats me and no one not even my aunt knows this! I want to know that someone at least cares for me.

Well I go to Dublin high school. There are over 400 kids at this school. Most are punks, some are hookers, some are both, and..... I'm the only nerd. I do 5 girls homework. They hate me. I'm always picked on; pushed around; or even get an black eye.

I hate this place. Sometimes I wish I could go and die in a hole.

Well that all changes one day. The best day of my life!

I will never forget that moment when this happened.


Hey girls (guys)! I hope you like this. I know it may seem boring. Just at least give it a shot. It should be pretty good of you keep reading it.

There might be selfharm and other things. (If that's ok with you guys!)

Well..... Have a great day (night)!!


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