" Who would hack a dead girls account?"

Based off of the movie ' Unfriended '.

©These344Miles on Wattpad.com and Movella.com

This story was first started before the movie came out in theaters. The actual date : 3.31.2015.
This is kind of a fanfiction/parody of 'Unfriended'. This story also may have major spelling and grammar errors and for that I apologize. But I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I do.

3.31.15 (11:06 AM)
Cover was made by ©These344miles with www.picmonkey.com


1. Trailer


Online, your memories last forever. 

But so do your mistakes. 

On April 9, 2015 a video was uploaded anonymously onto Youtube of Amber Todd.  She was taped doing drugs and other bad things. People soon began calling her names and cyber bullied her. Three days later Amanda committed suicide at her high school in Fresno, California.

A special date comes along as the anniversary of her death.  All six friends get together after a long separation due to different schedules at school and video chat. All things run smooth until some one anonymous decides to join the chat.

rayray12: Who took the video? If you don't come forward some one will die. 

rayray12: Let's play a game then....lights out. 

rayray12: 1...

rayray12: 2...

rayray12: 3....




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