Sacret: Games of The Dead

Josanna Alphano is smart, kind, and a nerd. She also has a big secret. She can see the dead. Her and her best friend moves out of there small town and to college where they meet some interesting people. One of them name Vincent Tannum. As they work together Josanna see things in Vincent no one else would pay mind would she figure out his secret as he did her or would the creatures that haunt her dreams want her gone take her before he confesses his secret.


1. College

The moment I thought my life would be over was just another attempt to escape. I have spent hours or maybe days in a dungeon tortured by something who want nothing more but my abilities. So it says.

I can hear my friends being tortured in the next room not giving up anything but their screams. This was all a game to these creatures, a game that we all must win no matter what.

Each blow to the back surprised me as "it" hit me with a wipe strikingly fast and painful making me cry out. The howels of their laughter scare me more then the wipes. I couldn't give them anything. I wouldn't give them any information I would rather die.

"What do you want from me?" I shouted. Their laughter scares me. They said nothing and continue to torture me. If this is the fate where and how I am going to die, then I'll die fighting keeping my secret to the grave.

I'm going to have to take it from where it all began.





It was a new school year and my first day at college. I was so excited that I was finally on my own in the real world with my best friend Chloe. I didn't have to fit in like in high school where your either popular or not.

I'm hoping this year in a new college away from my old town, everything will turn around for me. Chloe my best friend pulled up to our dorm. She was a beautiful blue eyed blonde outgoing in every way. People fall to their feet when she's around. But as for me my eyes are a strange shade of grey, almost silver. I wear these point Dexter glasses with a white tape holding the glasses together.

Yeah,I know. But I can't afford new ones just yet.

I couldn't shake the feeling of excitement in my stomach. Chloe was even more excited because she couldn't wait to go into the sororities and the college parties, since she had been talking about it all day.

"I can't believe we are here. At western university, finally away from all the drama back home. Our new lives are finally beginning" Chloe said smiling. She open the trunk and we climbed out of the car walking around and grabbing a box. She continued "We are going to have fun, party hard, get wasted, and maybe a one night stand with one of the great boys"

"Well, you can do all that. Me in the other hand will finish unpacking take a detour around the campus and come back to my room and fall asleep since I couldn't sleep because you kept talking about partying all night"

"Joe, come on. We are here to enjoy our adult life. You haven't had fun since freshmen year of high school, can you at least have fun for me" she stopped me from walking towards the dorm with one of our boxes "please"  she did a puppy dog look she knew I couldn't refuse. Damn it, she always knew how to push all the right buttons.


Chloe screamed jumping up and down with a box in her arms "that's why I love you"

"Yeah, yeah, I love you too" I shook my head and ventured in the building up the stairs finding my room. I opened to see the left side of the room taken. I've place the box on top of my bed and walked out bumping into someone. "I'm sorry"

"It's okay, your my new roommate Josanna Alphano, right" 

I shook her hand with a smile on my face. The girl was a redhead a few inches taller than me about 5'7 where I'm a 5'4. I can tell we are going to get along fabulously. "You can call me Jossy"

She repeated my name "My name's Patty. Do you need help bring up your things?" She offered.

"Oh, yes, thank you for asking"

Patty followed me out. We talked getting to knew each other well. Chloe turned and stopped when she saw us with a box in her arms.

"Hey Chloe, this is my roommate Patty"

Chloe put down the box she held and extended her hand to shake "nice to meet you, Patty. Say I would love to chat but I have to finish unpacking" 

We chuckled and let Chloe go pass us. Walking towards the car a motorcycle drive passed. The driver was wearing a helmet and for some reason I felt his eye looking at me even if I couldn't see him.

Turning to Patty I wondered curiously who was on that motorcycle glaring at me. 

"Um, do you know the guy in the motorcycle?"

Patty looked over my shoulder and rolled her eyes "that my friend was Vincent Tannum. He is a womanizing douche and this university hardcore guy everyone's afraid to back talk"

"So basically he's the big white shark"

"Yup, he is hot I'll admit but not my type"

"And what is your type?"

"I'm a nerd lover"

I laughed making her chuckle "good choice"

"Thank you"

We proceeded to get my belongings into my room. I've unpacked everything and organized every little thing on my side of the room. I set up my laptop and printer on the desk which was connected to the bed which was kind of cool. The bookshelf was hovering over the desk.

After finishing setting up my computer Chloe walked in and feel across my bed. "That was a drag. Let's walk around campus, see what's around maybe spot some hot guys" Chloe said seductively.Chloe always knew how to charm the guys. All she had to do was pass by and his would be all over her like dogs. I don't know how she does it but she loves the attention. "What do you say? Would be up to showing us around, Patty?"

"Sure, let my just get my bag" Patty smiled grabbing her bag from the desk chair. 

Chloe stood up standing next to the door waiting for me to follow them out of the dorm.

My best friend really had a way of convincing people to do whatever she please. She is real tough and not afraid to speak up her mind. I am the same way but no one seems to take me seriously with the glasses, and when I'm around Chloe. I'm kind of use to it anyway.

Patty have us a detour of the campus and not once did a guy not look at Chloe. I'll admit if I was a guy I'll do her.

We stopped in front of a big statue about 30 feet away from the girl crowd forming to talk to some guys I couldn't even see. As the crowd faded I turn to see Chloe smiling at the 3 men sitting on top of the statue.

Here we go.

A guy with blonde hair stared at Chloe with a devouring look on his face. The one next to him had brown hair, he kept glancing at Patty before returning his face to Chloe. 

That's new.

But the one guy with jet black hair I felt as if I knew him. Like there was a deep connection between us. He didn't pay any mind of Chloe but instead glared at me.

Also a first.

These boys were like an enigma. Their energy felt dangerous I had to resist the urge to step back and run towards the dorm. Chloe nugded me to notify me that they were walking towards us. I looked to the ground and try to act small.

"How are you ladies looking the campus?" The blonde one said

"Oh, we were going to take a tour around campus" Chloe said

"Maybe we can show you around"

"Maybe you should"

This is ludicrous. I want to leave, I want to leave now. Something about these boys creep me out.

I feel the motorhead looking at me which I squirm where I stood.

"I'm Chloe. The is my friend Josanna and her roommate Patty" 

Thanks a lot Chloe, now they know my name.

"I'm Ski. This is Vincent" he pointed to the motor head "and Cole" he pointed to the brown head guy.

"Nice to meet you guys"

"There's a party at one of our frat house. I'm hoping we'll see you ladies there"

I open my mouth to protest "well I-" Chloe cut me off

"Of course we'll be there. Just give us the time and place" Chloe snapped her fingers and I rolled my eyes going through my pocket for a pen.

I handed him it and our fingers touched. An image popped up and my heart raced. Blood. That's all I saw.

Okay, now I gotta get them away from these boys.

I don't know what the image means but I know it is bad.

Ski wrote the address on her hand before giving the pen back to her.

"Well look at the time" I pretended to look at my wrisk "I have to go back and unpack. So, yeah" I walked back and quickly scurry towards the dorm.

Arriving to the dorm room I flopped on my bed breathing in and out. My mind hooked on the image I saw, then slowly faded to Vince. I don't know why, but I didn't like the feeling between me and him.

The door opened and Patty walked in followed by Chloe. For the first time I saw Chloe glow with a goofy look on her face. Another first. Looking forward Patty she couldn't hide her smile. 

"You guys look like you took a romantic trip to the lake or something"

"If only you saw them" Chloe want making sense, which she always does in any situation. What did these guys do to my best friend.

"Ah, I was there Chloe, remember?"

"Yes, but this energy passed the me when I saw Ski. It's unexplainable"

So I want the only one.

"We should all go to the party just to check it out" Patty said still smirking.

"Um, no. You guys could go I-"

"Joe, please. Have fun for me. You promised"

"No, I said fine I didn't promise anything"

"Please..." She puppy dog eyed me. Damn it the second time today.

"Fine, I'll go"

They squealed and jumped me with excitement. What am I being myself into.


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