Secrets of My Father

What happens when the one person you were supposed to trust turns out to be someone you never expected them to be?


1. Unexpected Change

    I knew he wasn't coming back, I had accepted it, but that doesn't make the pain if losing my father any easier. Wesley Leonardo Donavan was my father. A tall man with dirty blonde hair and sea green eyes. A cardiologist by day,loving father by night as far as I knew.My mother left when I was 6 months old claiming my father was the problem, the last time I saw her was when I was 8, that has been almost 10 years ago. She was in a psychiatric hospital chained to the wall rambling out questions I didn't have the answers to. Her favorite being "Has he told you?" "Has he told you?" I left feeling confused and curious about what she had said I asked my father what she meant and he said," Your mother doesn't even know what I was to tell you, she is sick Elena, she doesn't know what is going on anymore." Now I will never know what she meant, my father is gone and I will never know, I had never been so wrong.

    December 7th, the day after I buried my father, his possessions were sent to me I knew what would be in there, his gold Rolex, my aunt Ingrid's china set from Romania,and his prized knife set. I don't know why my father treasured those knives so much as I recall, he never used any of them and they were no family heirloom,and yet if I even looked at them wrong he would immediately give the same lecture I had heard over and over,"Don't touch the knives,they are my pride and joy besides you of course." He would add jokingly assuming I would take it the wrong way. When the boxes arrived everything I mentioned was there,but something unexpected also arrived. I picked up the small shoe box, a red string holding it together with a note saying "open when I'm gone" it was written in my fathers handwriting. With nervousness hands and a pounding heart I tore the string from the box. The first thing that stood out to me was a bright blue envelope with "to my darling Elena" written on the front. I frantically opened the letter but was unable to get past the first sentence. I dropped the letter in shock and stood there gazing into nowhere questioning my whole life, everything I knew. I couldn't get the words out of my mind, "Elena I'm a serial killer."

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