Road trip


1. last day of school

So I have never wrote a story before but I fort I would give it a go hope you guys like it

I could hear the roaring voice of my mum shout


I ignored the shout but I knew that she would just shout louder


There was a pause of silence for a few seconds an then she shouted again


I could hear her loud foot steps coming up the stairs.

I slowly put my pillow over my head so I couldn't hear the loud bang that was about to happen


The next thing I new the door swung open an my mum came storming in my room

"Get up" she shouted

"Your gonna be late for you last day of school now get out of bed"

I slowly sat up an looked at the time it was only 8:00 so I slowly stood up an stumbled to the bathroom, I turned on the shower an carefully got in the splash of water hitting my face from the shower woke me properly, I started to wash my hair an my body as I finished I stepped out the shower only to realise I had forgot to get a towel, i panicked for a little bit an then I decided to do a quick run of faith, my room was only across the hall from the bathroom so hopefully no one will see me.

I quickly opened the bathroom an just as I started to run out of the bathroom I heard my brother open his bedroom door , I dived to my room so I wasn't seen an luckily I made it, I quickly shut my door an garbed the towel of the end of my bed.

So after I had done my make-up and my hair I went to look for something to wear, I decided to wear some dark denim high wasted shorts with a white tank top, I was just putting my Adidas trainers on when my brother ran in my room I turned quickly an shouted "Calum what are you doing have you never heard of knocking" he laughed an said " me an my friend Luke are going on a road trip after school an we was wondering if you an your friend kayla would like to come."

"Oh my gosh I would love to come I'll speak to kayla in school an see if she wants to come."

The bell rang for first period an I was running abit late I tied to walk in to class unnoticed but that didn't really work out, I tripped over someone's bag an made a bang I suddenly heard someone shout "LOLA LOUISE HOOD" I quickly jumped up an looked at my teacher who had a very cross look on her face " why are you late" she said with a glared look on her face " um um I was stuck in traffic" I said quickly with a big grin on my face


I really hate miss lloyds I don't no what her problem Is with me but for some reason she really doesn't like me

I went to get my book out only to notice I left it at home luckily the teacher didn't notice till halfway threw class by the time she notice I didn't have it I was really bored at this point "where is your book LOLA" she said with a smile on her face " at home" I said " what is it doing at home" she said crossly with out even thinking about what I was about to say the words just came out " having more fun than me" I said very sarcastically the class was laughing I think I pissed miss lloyds of that much her head looked like it was about the blow of " GET OUT OF MY CLASS AN MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE HEAD TEACHERS OFFICE" I just looked at her with a wired look on my face as if I was sayin are you being for real she turned to josh an said " josh make sure she goes there" I stood up a grabbed my bag an walked out of class

(Daydream )

Josh is my boyfriend he is a proper geek in school but when we're alone he is a compleat different person, to be honest I don't no why I'm still with him I guess I'm just scared to brake up with him.

(End of daydream)

Josh was having ago at me while we was walking down the corridor " your a stupid bitch why do you want to ruin your life" he shouted " what" I said what a questioned look my face " you herd me your a fat bitch who is ugly an stupid you have nothing going for you" I got sick an tired of the way he speaks to me an the way he treats me "it's over " I said "what did you just say" he said with a shocked look on his face " did I stutter I said it's fucking over" I shouted and I stormed of out of school

Dinner time came an I went to meet kayla I told her about me an josh splitting up an she said " thank god for that I was wondering how long you was going to put up with his shit for" I laughed an then I remember about the road trip I told kayla about it an she agreed to come so I rang my brother an told him he sounded really happy that she was coming I think he likes her

Kayla was asking questions about my brother think they might get together but then she asked about luke I told her I've never met him then the bell rang for home time

After I had packed my stuff for the trip I rang kayla an told her when she is ready to meet me at mine Calum rang me an told me that we are leaving in the morning. kayla turned up just after I hung up the phone to Calum I told her we wasn't leaving till in the morning an that's we should just have a girls night.

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