Never give up!

Young Hazel Black has grown up in the depths of the forest alone with her older brother Ash. One day, Ash was-some may describe-eaten by the Earth. In the age when humans are invaded by aliens, Hazel must find her brother and somehow stay alive.


1. Taken

Hazel was alone in the woods listening to the sound of the wind sitting cross-legged on the damp grass beside the lake. Sunlight hid behind the towering trees before her. Hazel looked past the trees; the sky is a deep hue of grey with patches of pearl-white, forming a thick spread with minor cracks that let through gold-streaks of light. Leisurely, Hazel glanced upon her own reflection in the lake. She had hair as black as night which highlighted her pale complexion, eyes that look as majestic as the ocean after a storm, and eyelashes that seem almost none existent. 

Due to the rustle of the trees, Hazel rose to a stand. Ash appeared from the endless depth of nature. Ash has brown curly hair flowing down to his shoulders, green eyes that are somewhat a symbol that he lives in the forest, and cheekbones highlighted by his pale complexion. Hazel gestured for Ash to get a drink of water from the lake.

"Find any food?" Hazel asked as Ash drank water. 

 Ash wiped the excess water from his mouth then replied bitterly, "Only squirrels and flies! Maybe if the animals didn't give a damn about survival, we would eat tonight! Selfish the lot of them." 

"And you wonder why you don't have a girlfriend..." Hazel muttered.

Ash laughed then asked "Livin' in the damn forest isn't a reason is it, now?"

"Not really, knowing your personality you'd probably date your precious trees." 

"I'm so sorry if I disappoint, Ha-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Ash began shrinking rapidly. Hazel looked down and witness her own brother being engulfed by the earth, his friend, our survival. Swiftly, Hazel sunk to her knees and grabbed his hand tightly. Quicker than she would have thought, the only thing left of her brother was his hand. As his hand got sucked down, Hazel tried to let her hand follow the same root. A quiet snap broke the silence of the silence of the forest: Hazel's wrist was broken. Shaking with fear, Hazel lay backwards crying letting tears and blood hit the cold hard ground. She had lost her brother, she had lost her best friend, she had lost the only person she ever knew. Hazel was alone...


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