This too shall pass

A poem about troubles at night, not being able to sleep, afraid of loosing your lover.


1. This too shall pass


This night is a pit bull

I’m lonely and mournful

I pray for the rain

to flush away the pain

It’s five in the morning

The dark sky is warning

You’re not coming home

Not a word on the phone


You left in my old car

I don’t know to which bar

You needed a drink

And you had to rethink

I might be neurotic

This life is chaotic

My hope is asleep

While I sit here and weep


This too shall pass, they say

Let go, let go, the fear will drift away

don’t be afraid

This too shall pass, they say

My love, my love, come back to me, I pray

This too shall pass


The sound of my Honda

With the man that I’m fond of

Is back in my hood

Maybe this time for good

Your steps on the first floor

My heart is a red door

The code is the same

You just whisper your name


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