That's what he said

A poem about loosing a close friend. About reinkarnation and travelling in time and space. About hope in the middle of death.


1. That's what he said


You sent me your wisdom in a poem

I thought it was by Leonard Cohen

Lines about our fleeting breath

And the sudden bite of death

I thought of your poem in bed


You were not afraid of bursting I know

But it was far too early to go

Hanging out with Space and Time

A universal Yankee Dime

Death is a new chance, not a crime


That’s what he said, my bohemian friend

gifted with hope and compassion

I’ll miss you to the very end

right now my heart is greyer than ashen


Are you the baby to be born upstairs

I’d love to hear your noise on the stairs

Make you smile, I wish I could

And of course, I knock on wood

Baby, please come back to my hood


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