Paris on my tongue

A love tribute to Paris. About remembering Paris with your senses while eating a French lemon pie, tarte au citron, and being thrown into memories and longings.


1. Paris on my tongue


This bite of lemon pie makes me kind of crazy

Creamy and crunchy blowing me away

Landing on your doorstep feeling high and hazy

Like the first time at the cabaret


I’m in your heart again in your Eiffel Tower

Drinking your sweetness having too much wine

And at Pigalle I’ll have a Whiskey Sour

City of Light your nickname is divine



Oh, Paris

I’ve got you on my tongue

Your flavours so young and strong

Playing their little ping-pong

On the tip of my tongue


I was seduced by thirty-seven bridges

Walking the left bank by the River Seine

Christmas in Paris finding all your packages

My own lemon pie you make me smile again


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