1. Chapter 1.

"I'm not going to the party Calum! Why the fuck does it matter?!" I yelled.

"You're only 18, you don't need to be partying you whore!" Calum screamed.

"Jesus fuck, you're 18 too. You're such a fucking hypocrite! You know what? I'm staying at Luke's tonight! Have fucking fun being by yourself! We all know you can't handle being alone! Maybe you'll know how I feel when you leave and don't come back until 3 in the morning!" I screamed back packing a bag and making a mental checklist.

1. Phone and laptop charger ✔️

2. Clothes for a few days ✔️

3. Toiletries ✔️

4. Makeup ✔️

5. Wallet and phone ✔️

"You're not fucking going to Luke's!" Calum yelled following me into our living room.

"Fucking watch me!" I screamed walking out the door slamming it.

I unlocked my car and drove the 20 minutes to Luke's.

~ skip boring car ride ~

I pulled up to Luke's and jumped out of my vehicle. Bag in hand I ran up to Luke's door and knocked loudly.

"What the fu-" Luke started before he saw me, "Jesus Logan, what happened?" Luke asked worried... I think? I can't tell anymore honestly.

"Calum" I simply stated.

"Oh god, again? I'm calling Ashton and Michael!"

"Yes, again. And that would be great Luke." I said.

~ one hour later (que spongebob voice) ~

Luke and I were in the middle of watching Family Guy, when Ashton and Michael busted through the door with like eighty million boxes of pizza (like 6) and like eighty billion trillion gazillion gallon of ice cream (like 12).

"We have decided to declare an official 'Make Logan Get Fat and Feel Better Night' and we don't care what you guys say!" Michael screamed while Ashton was nodding.

"You cheeky little shits! We haven't done this since we were 12! Good god those were some great times!" I said laughing.

The rest of the night consisted of laughing a lot and eating pizza and ice cream. The next morning I knew I had to face Calum so I woke the boys and told them I had to go home and after an hour of the boys 'trying' to get me to stay I left.

~ skip boring car ride ~

One I pulled up to the house I took a deep breath and walked up to the door and unlocked it. "Well here goes nothing." I whispered to myself before walking in.

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