My blue polka dot dress

About a very special blue dress, about love and to meet the right person.


1. My blue polka dot dress


White dots everywhere

On my dress and in the air


You said hallo to me, the girl next door

In front of the bikes, you’ve seen me before

I was wearing this dress, this blue polka dot dress

You remembered my dress, my blue polka dot dress


You invited me out, we fixed a date

At the local café, I couldn’t wait

Should I put on again, my blue polka dot dress?

I thought the answer was yes, it might be a success!


White dots on deep blue

They whisper I love you

Like apple flowers on a river

I float in sunspots, you make me shiver


July was warm and sweet, like you my dear

You married a girl within a year

She would only wear this, this blue polka dot dress

You smiled and said yes, why not a blue wedding dress!


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