Bye bye Zayn

"Zayn wake up" Perrie shouted as she ran across the road

"Madame I am so sorry" said the man who hit him down

"Call for help,the ambulance" Perrie yelled " zayn everything is going to be alright" Perrie said in a soft voice.

Is zayn Malik going to be alright....


1. 1

Zayn POV

"Zayn get you ass up you lazy shit" Harry yelled

"Yeah I am up"I mumbled as a I opened one eye

"We a going to be late if you don't get up" Niall yelled eating

"Alright as i jumped up from the bed

*5 hours later*

After rehearsing for our second world tour I got a text from Perrie saying she need to talk to me. Uh oh am I in trouble,when Perrie texts that she need to talk that mean your in trouble,good luck for me.

It was only 12 o'clock so we had a break u rushed to where Perrie was waiting for me which was only about 10 minutes away from the studio.when u got there she did not very impressed u hope this is not because I left my underpants on our bathroom floor if so I am dead.

"Hey babe" I said in a very sexy voice

"Hey" she said back not even looking at me

"I been thinking that I should come on tour with you and the boys , I can't think about being away from you this long" she said in one go

"Babe it won't r fair on the boys" I said back

"Alright I get it you just don't want me to come" Perrie shouted as she left the cafe

I got a text from Lou saying that we have to get back to the studio as soon as possible. I grab a cheese sandwich and left. I feel so sorry for Perrie I can't believe I just let her run out like that. I text her while making my way back to the studio but no answer.

Perrie POV

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