What do you see?


1. New chapter

what do you see?

The old mans face staring back at me, With those eyes that seem to penetrate, their years are numbered, but the visions they've gazed span the gamut of time.

How many weathered days, how many losses they have seen, their shine rang truer in olden days.

Gazing deep into their space lies a galaxy of sadness, the soul is seen and it sees yours, as if to capture it in its snare.

His hair reminds me of ashen fields of grain, much like the ones he once tended. Mystery is held in the length of his beard, the wrinkles upon his face, each hold a tale, a story, something to regale.

His lips never part for a smile to impart.

Contemplating his youthful years, while still living without fears, his heart has tasted sweeter days, when his love walked the earth in sways.

Once more his breath, though labored, fills his lungs, life is renewed, agony has sung.

What do I see, staring back at me, a life that has loved and lost and lived.

And though I'd hoped for brighter days, this life was lived in the best of ways.

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