what i become

In Trokel, a magical individuality based world at the age of 18 one must draw what they will become for the rest of their life, but when a group of people eager for power draw godly creatures to become quickly they overpower and destroy the government or the "members". Now they brainwash everyone into forgetting the magic of Trokel and for all who remember are let go. Ellie, a 7 year old girl who her mother hid during the "forgetting" before she was let go is strong willed and must find a way for the world to remember.


1. typical timings

   Trokel is an island, the last land in the world. Huge, beautiful, and peacefully perfect. This world is filled with magic, the magic of Trokel. There are 10 buildings  as example of the 10  people in goverment or the "members". each building is in the shape of its purpose. Theres the circle where all the children up to 15 years old stay. The circle shape represents safety and a simple life. No children work, and are given little education and only the main points of living in Trokel  are learned. For instance  You learn the simple rules of how to protect the land and perimeter.You learn To find food and trace tracks if you want to be a gatherer when you pass on age. You learn how to protect even though its rare for a major attack to happen they teach it for self defense. A kids life  is school, play, eat. Very easygoing, how it should be. Then theres the heart shaped building where the women bearing children and mothers go. The heart is symboled as the love of caring and children. The heart is a place filled with relaxation and peace. You are the main priority and are treated with up most respect by the caretakers. Theres the triangle shaped building meant for the warriors or warriors in training . it symbylises war and fighting which are the pointy edges of a triangle. There they learn to do everything themselves and learn very far from the basics of fighting and protecting. Their life is hard but honorable always. They never complain. Theres the hand shaped building which is an example of a hand protecting the whole land. Its the biggest building of them all and stands high above to for this is where the members stay and make decisions for the whole land  to depend on. Then there is the building shaped as a star. You go to this building when your 18 years old. This is the center of magic in Trokel its where your life changes with the swipe of a pen. The star represents you shining and finding your way through life for once you "become" your on your own from there. Next there is the apple shaped building. This is where all the food is kept and stored. Next to that is the cup shaped building where they keep all the water for all the people lays. The old people who need accessive care stay in the building shaped as a moon which is symbolizing  that the moon will pass away everyday same as the old and retired creatures. But  they live a long and happy life of 200 years before going on to a new life  in heaven. The 9th building is shaped as a lightning bolt in symbol as natural disasters. This building is used for if there were to be a tornado,earthquake, tsunami or something like that. The 10th building is underground. It is secret. No one knows what happens down there and very few are seen going  down to the mysterious building. There are rumors about what goes on down there  but  most are not true and if spread it would be bad for the members. All the buildings are white  and clean. Everyone is happy and everything is fine. Not everybody just goes around and lives a simple life without working. Some volunteer for job. These people get payed more then average much more for these people are willing to remain humans and not draw a creature they will become. The two  jobs are being a mother and caretaker. Some women have to be willing to stay human because the creatures cant produce human beings in fact they cant reproduce at all leaving the volunteering women to help out for the community to grow. They stay in the heart shaped building along with ones resting after having their child. That is a mothers job, sacrificial but important very much. Each women has 5 years in the heart shaped building then they go to the moon building. A caretakers job is to take care of the old and the young children. Any thing they need the caretakers will take care of. They are the nicest people  even among the creatures that you will ever meet. Now the magic of Trokel. Magic is what makes it special. When you are eighteen years old  you go to the star  building or as some call it " the place of choice". You walk up a huge staircase with rails of silver embroidered with the letter T for Trokel. Then at the top there is a hallway with a picture of all the 10 members 5  on each side. each person standing next to their photo. You then go down the hallway to a tunnel where you slide down a ramp into a black dark room. Not one sound to be heard. A light turns on almost like a spotlight. There a white blank clean piece of paper on a white table with the letter T for trokel imprinted on it  with a silver outlining. Then there is the magical pen on a stand. The pen is white with white ink on white paper. no one else can see what you are drawing but you. That is  the magic of the pen. Once your done you put the pen back in place and you go into a slight sleep for 5 minutes. When you wake up  your not a human anymore your what you created. A  " creature" is what they call it. Trokel is a magical land. No one has ever overcome the members, and  no one has ever misused magic. Thats the most important rule, the one no one forgets and no one ever dares to break.

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