It was love at first sight

I'm Ashley and me and my bestie Tiffany are 14 and 18 and go to a Magcon concert and Carter Reynolds and Cameron Dallas see us and come over to talk to us after the concert do they hit it off read to find out


1. first look

Ashley's pov: As I got dressed in my black crop top that said wildlife in silver and jeggings since I was going to the Magcon concert when I told my mom that I wanted concert tickets to one direction but I still went anyway because it will be a good experience and I don't know maybe turn out ok anyway my mom got me two tickets so I could bring my little sister Sarah but thank God she got sick because she can be a real pain in the butt sometimes hopefully I'll be able to bring my friend Tiffany I called her and she said that she could go she got dressed in a crop top that said Cameron Dallas is bae on it and jeans because she knew Magcon more than I did I was still confused who they were she hasn't shown me pictures or anything the only names I knew were Nash Greir Hayes Greir Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds.The car ride was long and the only thing we did was listen to wildlife by Jack and Jacknot even on purposes I wore a crop top that said wildlife on it in silver,after hearing the song wildlife play six times this song lyrics got stuck in my head and me and Tiffany just jammed out in the car when we stopped at a stop light and people would look at us we just look back at them and start laughing we didn't care how embarrassing or childish we looked because you're having the time of her life and the concert can even start yet we were the first one there and we were both surprised because when my mom but good tickets they were the last two we ended up getting a good seat because we were the first ones given he claimed to see Cameron Dallas backstage with Nash Greir fooling around but I didn't see themonly minutes went by before tons of girls came barging in through the doors as the boys heard them coming one by one they walked on stage The first two that walk on stage had blue eyes and looked the same I was guessing it was Nash and Hayes but I couldn't tell them apart .The next person that came out had a bandanna on I didn't know his name though.three or four other boys came out until the last boy came out he looked Korean and in my head he was perfect it was love at first sight,his eyes weren't blue but I still got lost in them as I thought to my self I felt like I've seen him before like on vine I asked Tiffany and she said that they all were viners.I asked Tiffany what his name was and she said Carter Reynolds as creepy as this sounds I just looked at him and wondered what it would feel like to kiss him as I was looking at him he looked over at me and smiled at that moment I felt like I was going to faint.After the concert I stayed for like a half hour looking for Tiffany Carter came out asking if I had seen Cameron Dallas and I said no I asked him if he had seen my bestie Tiffany and he said no I looked in the parking lot and the car was still there.

Carters pov: as I asked her if she'd seen Cameron Dallas she looked at me and smiled she was gorgeous she had beautiful brown hair hazel eyes and a crop top that said wild life witch reminded me of Jack and Jack,and jeggings she was beautiful after thinking to my self I asked her what her name was and she responded with Ashley that's a beautiful name I said and she said your beautiful and stood in a pause as of she didn't plan to say that she started blushing and I told her she was gorgeous and she started blushing more I heard a scream from back stage and I told her to follow me we ended up finding them laughing so hard their faces turned red I asked what was so funny and they wouldn't tell us.

Cameron's pov: she was soooo beautiful I felt like I loved her even tho I didn't know her I felt like I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her we met because she was looking for something and we bumped into each other she looked up and hugged me as if she was home I hugged her back and we just hugged each other I kissed her head and she looked up at me and somehow we just started telling each other how our day was I told her that a girl threw thongs at him and we both just started laughing so hard after a while of laughing Carter and some girl came in he asked what we were laughing about and I said nothing I needed to talk to him and we stepped out of the room quick he told me that her name was Ashley and I told him her name was Tiffany Carter asked me if it would be okay if we invited them to the hotel and I said yes

Tiffany's pov:I saw Ashley walk in with Carter and after the boys left I went up to her and said what's going on we didn't even get V.I.P tickets and we still got to meet them in person I screamed and Cameron came in and said is everything okay I said yes a little embarrassed me and Tiffany started talking about how me and Cameron met and how her and Carter Met The boys came in not long after and we got our stuff and left the hotel was so big and beautiful

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