Kidnapped ( 5 Seconds of Summer Fanfic )

Dakota is a 6 year old who has a loving family and has an amazing life. But until 5 Seconds of Summer comes and kidnaps her she won't ever get to see her family again, she's unhappy she doesn't talk to them and she's afraid of them. They all feel bad but they know it's the right thing to do or is it.....?


1. Chapter 1


Luke's POV.


"So what do we do we can't just go in there they'll hear us" I said.


We were in the middle of a crime scene ( Sorta ) we were sneaking into a house that was really nice. We had to sneak in somehow Michael thought of going through the door ( Horrible idea )  Ashton said window ( Not a terrible idea but the classics ) Calum thought of the back door that was already open that nobody noticed. We went to the back door and went in the house and snuck upstairs, we went in every room until we found the one we were looking for. No we are not stealing anything we are just doing something. I saw a little girl sleeping in her bed peacefully, too bad we're gonna have to wake her.


"What do we do now?" Calum asked.


"Umm we take her" Ashton said sarcastically.


"I know that"


"Guys it's no time for sarcasm lets just get her and go" I said.


"Okay" They both said.


I grabbed her and we slowly walked down the stairs. We walked to our van and closed the door and started driving. She woke up and i got scared. She looked at me wide eyed and looked around.


"Where am I who are you?" She asked.


"Where's Teddy" She almost about to cry.


"Oh you mean this" Calum said holding up a teddy bear.


she snatched it out of his hand and hugged it tight. She had blonde-ish brown-ish hair and blue eyes.


"I asked you a question" She said looking at me.


"Oh.....well your in our car and my name's Luke" I said.


"Who are they?" She asked.


"Oh that's Calum Ashton and Michael" I said to her.


"Where are we going?" She asked. I swear she asks so many questions.


"To our house" 


"Where's that" 




"How far?"


"Like an hour"




After an hour we arrived at our house it's big and nice. We all got out go the car she was asleep and she was already 

in her pajamas, so I carried her in and put her in my room and layed her there I changed into some gym shorts and took off my shirt I got in bed and fell fast asleep

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