Poems for the Lovesick

Poems for the ones who have loved, thought they loved, and have truly felt lost in every way. Stay positive everyday.
If you have any suggestions for my writing please comment.


1. He Calls

I sat there in the kitchen

Stirred my soup, something 

Was an itch in my skin

He calls


The rain poured outside

Had my head down between knees

Thinking that he lied

He calls


No one talked to me

Every step getting further

’Til, them I could not see

He calls


Lying on that sickly bed

Parents hovered, doctors hushed

I tell you, I am not dead

He calls


Lonely hot chocolate

Marshmallows in the mug

Swirls so intricate

He calls


Sitting, just sitting

Waiting, not running

Ready, ever wanting

Yet, he does not call

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