This Is Who I Am


1. Who am I?

I wake up to the sounds of my alarm clock. You'd think that being famous would allow you to pick when you wake up, but no it just means you have to wake up earlier...

Ever since I joined the band, I have felt like the outsider... Luke, Michael and Calum are off being best friends, and I'm here waiting for an opportunity to be the real me, but when your famous, thins don't work out like they should.

I hang out with them because the guys are my best friends, but just because they are mine doesn't mean that I am theirs... What am I supposed to do when they are all I have and they don't even want me?!

Wait that's not true. If they didn't want me I wouldn't be a part of the band and I'd still be playing in my moms boyfriends band... I wouldn't be living the life I am today...... Only sometimes do I wish that things could go back to normal...... Only sometimes do I wish I could tell people my secrets..... Only sometimes do I wish I could be me, but what can you do when thins like this happen:

Society: be yourself

Society: no not like that

What am I supposed to do when I'm an outsider? How will I be who I am when I can't even tell myself who I am?

Sorry if you don't like it!! This is my first fanfic so wish me luck!! Sorry the chapters are so short!! -abs @modern_day_mozart @5sos111

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