Drummer Lovin'

Ellington Ratliff; best known as Ratliff, the drummer for family band R5, and always expected to fall for fellow band member Rydel Lynch.

Ashton Irwin; best known as the drummer for 5 Seconds Of Summer, and always expected to date any of his band mates.

When these two cross paths, the unexpected happens.


1. Chapter One

It was Thursday afternoon, and R5 usually has rehearsals for tours and concerts, but today they decided to just hang out.

"You know," said Rydel, who was leaning against Ellington's drumset. "I've realized that I have a thing for guitarists.." The preppy blonde girl gazed lovingly at the wall ahead of her, as if she was daydreaming.

Ross and Rocky immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at each other, then at their older sister.

  "Y... You.. Yyyou're not... Uhh.. Confused... Are you?" Ross stammered before taking a large drink of water.

  "Yeah, uh.. What he means is.. You don't.. You don't have a crush on any.. Family.. Right?" Rocky added. 

Everyone in the room bursted into laughter, expect for Ross and Rocky, who looked as if someone asked them what the square root of one hundred and fifty was, which, of course they did not know the answer to. 

"Come on, seriously?" Riker said, moving his hair out of his face as they spoke.

"Uhh.. What?" Rocky scratched his head a little bit, making his hair a big mess.

"Uh, dude.." Ross said to Rocky, realizing that it would be stupid for their older sister to have a crush on either of them, because, they were, indeed, siblings. 

"Sometimes the two of you are so stupid, but I love you anyway." said Rydel. "Besides, there is a certain guitarist that I like."

Ellington took a bite of a cookie and rolled his eyes at the conversation that was going on, which, he wanted no part in.

"Who?" Riker asked, putting down his cell phone.

"Guys!" said Rydel. "I'm not telling any of you! You would just spill my secret, and that's not how I want him to find out. I'm going to meet up with him later today at that coffee shop right down the road." With every word she said, she seemed to get more and more excited.

"Actually," She said. "I need to go now." She picked up her bag and stood to exit the room.

  "Uh.. Delly." Riker said, making sure that she wouldn't leave quite yet.

"Yeah?" She turned around. 

"Looking for these?" Riker held up Rydel's favorite pair of pink stilettos, which she had worn this morning, but took them off.

"Oh thanks!" She quickly slipped them on, and ran out.

  The room was silent for about five minutes, and Ellington knew this meant the rest of the guys were thinking of how to find out who this mysterious crush of Rydel's is.

"I'll pay you five dollars to spy on Rydel!" Ross exclaimed, shoving a five dollar bill at Ellington.

Ellington just stood there, staring at Ross, not at all phased by Ross' offer, he just continued to eat his cookie.

  "Okay, uh.. Ten dollars?" Riker offered.

"From each of you." Ellington said with a mouth full of food, and just waited for them to do it. 

"What?" Rocky said.

"Ten dollars from each of you. That makes it forty dollars total, because there's four of you. But, that will only reveal the first name of the guy. If one of you can throw in five extra dollars, you get the last name too." Ellington explained.

  He knew that the four Lynch boys would pay anything to know who Rydel had a crush on, and Ellington thought it would be funny to actually take the money. He did want to buy his mother a very expensive birthday gift, after all, and the money he's about to receive will be at least half of the money to pay for that beautiful necklace he wanted so badly to buy for his mother.

"You heard him! For the first and last name, the total of money he gets is forty five." Ryland said and all four of the boys immediately gave him the cash.
"Thank you." Ellington stuffed the money in his pocket and made his way to the coffee shop.    


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