sailor moon- a new sailor? book 1

It about this girl named Thorn, she just moved in and she doesn't know that her friends are the sailor solders. Thorn is a nice girl with a lot of secrets. She is a good cook and loves watching movies with her friends. In book one she finds a lot about herself. WARNING: I got the information in sailor moon JAPAN version! Most of the names will be in Japan. Please like and comment on things I should put in book 2. Thanks!!


1. who am I?

I woke when the light shone on my face. “ ugh." I look around the hospital looking room. “ where.... am...I?" I rubbed my eyes still confused. “ and... Why do I have so many bandages on me?" Then I heared someone come in. “ um.. hi! Are you feeling better?" Said the school looking girl. “ and if you don't remember me because of what happend then it's fine! I'm may." May? I thought. She doesn't remind me of anyone that I know. I don't even think I know someone name that is May. She seems like a kind girl. No wonder she is probably my friend. “uh yeah... I'm alright... I guess. I just don't remember anything."


“oh dear!" She said existed. “ I really want you to remember everything.. it's a big bummer. Well do you know where you live?" I tried to think that one out. I couldn't get that out of my head. I can't bear to think I didn't remember where I lived!! “ no... I do not.." I said worried. “ don't worry!" After she said that she went to her poket to call someone. I wonder who she is calling. She started to talk a lot and it made me think more and more of who she is calling. “ok! Cya!" She said to the person on the other line. I started to sigh and looked at the time. “ it's... getting pretty late... don't you think?" I said. “yeah it kinda is. Well I'll come back tomorrow to see how you are doing!" I just looked at her and noodded. I really wanted to know who she was talking to. Was it her.. No it cant. I started to look at my hands, legs and arm. Did I crash? I closed my eyes and when I did I saw someone. I gasped at opened my eyes in a rush as soon as I saw him in my eyes. Then I fell asleep.

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