Something In The Mist

When Phoebe Karape sees an unrecognisable shape in a mist, she was both curious and determined to discover what it was. She is warned that it could be extremely dangerous but will she behave and stay away from the thing in the mist or will she rebel and go against what she has been warned?


1. Shocked

Large coniferous trees stood tall in the woodlands. Taller than The Shard, they stood strong in staggered lines. Their branches were long and covered in a leafy coat. The few moments when the sun escaped its dark cloudy prison made the trees look more beautiful than ever. The sun brought out the freshness of the leafs, until reality returned and made the woods look dark once again. Once it turned dark again, the woodlands looked more like a large forest. It looked a lot more scary. Eerie and spooky. Possible also with a hint of evil maybe. Of all the places Phoebe could have been right now this was possibly the worst, even if this was her own decision.

Phoebe stood at the curb of the road just on the outskirts of the woods. She gazed up towards the sky taking in all the details of the trees. She especially liked the details of the bark. How it loved the trees were. More loved than her. They all looked like they were once just blocks, then had been carved with great care. In her light blue eyes, they were perfection. True beauty. Nature would always be more beautiful than anything else could ever be. 

The weather got darker as the sun got blocked from coming back out any time soon. The sky was a stone shade of grey as he clouds got thicker. Looking at the sky currently could put even the happiest person in a depressed mood. As the clouds swirled around the top of the sky scraping trees, a slight mist started to form. As the clouds twirled, the mist got thicker. Phoebe watched with a puzzled look on her freckled face. It was not fast or strong enough to be a tornado but it certainly wasn't just a gust of wind either. It was like nothing she had ever seen before.

As the amount of mist increased, Phoebe got more astonished. She lowered her head to give her eyes a break, and she realised how misty it had got. As she looked into the distance, she noticed a dark figure. She could just about see an outline, but what it was she just couldn't tell. It was not a human outline but neither was it an animal. If any at all, it looked like a cross between being a stallion and ... maybe a bird? An owl? Hawk? There was even the possibility of their being an irritating pigeon. But whatever it was, it was coming towards Phoebe at a rapid pace.

She started to panic. She couldn't tell if it was just her imagine playing devious tricks on her, or if there was actually something there that she should really be worried about. Either way she didn't have much time to think as the silhouette came charging straight towards her. She did what her instincts told her, and jumped to the side. Just as she did so, the silhouette came straight past her. She watched it go into the distance and suddenly disappear. Once it had disappeared, the sky went back to normal and the mist broke away. 

She looked up to the sky once again. It was now a cobalt blue and the clouds a puffy white and just like the candyfloss she had ate previously that day. With a panicked look on her face, she decided it would be best if she now ran home as for the first time in a long time, home was the first place she wanted to be.

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